30 July 2016

When it comes to summer skincare I like to keep things as light and simple as possible - especially in the mornings! Something I don't like to skimp on though, is making sure my skin is prepped and ready to face the day. 

For me, this means being hydrated and protected, and lately I have been absolutely loving these three products used after a quick cleanse in the morning and underneath make up to ensure smooth application and preservation all day long.

I think we can all agree, that when it comes to sun protection (especially for the face), what we are after is something that sinks in quickly, is non-greasy and isn't overly fragranced. It may sound like a simple ask, but no matter what I've tried in the past, it has either managed to break me out, or has, despite initial high hopes eventually left me looking like a caked, shiny oil slick. This stuff though is truly magical.

It sinks in like no other SPF I have ever tried - the texture is more liquid like as opposed to cream and it applies like a serum. There is a very slight scent to it (though this isn't noticeable once it is on the skin), it is moisturising, and yet when you go to apply your base on top, it is completely undetectable! It doesn't make me oily throughout the day (any more than usual anyway), in fact I think it may even help to keep me mattified - is there anything more you could ask for?

Crucially, it contains UVA (PA ++++) and UVB (SPF 50) protection, which means not only will you be protected from short term damage but from longer term damage more likely to accelerate the process of your skin ageing as well. I have been using this every day without fail over the last month or so and am already thinking about picking up another tube as I am starting to run low. It is without doubt, one of my favourite discoveries of the year so far and has already earned a permanent place in my hall of fame. 

Recently I had an unfortunate accident with my beloved Aesop Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Eye Serum which involved a broken bottle and some severe spillage. Luckily, I had this little guy lying around as a back up, and so instead of repurchasing I thought I would give it a go (in truth, not really expecting to love it as much). I've been very pleasantly surprised though, in that it has given me exactly what I look for in an eye cream - no bold claims promising to banish lines and prevent me ever ageing, just a good bout of hydration that sinks in quickly and leaves the area around my eyes feeling soothed and refreshed.

It contains beautiful ingredients that help it achieve this, including cooling cucumber, soothing rosemary and energising ginseng, along with green tea extract. And, the pies de resistance - it works wonderfully under make up. 

I've lost count of the number of lip balms I own. I certainly have a few faves, but I seem to be constantly switching them up without being loyal to anything in particular. I will normally use a balm as and when I deem it necessary but when it comes to this one, I've only had it a couple of weeks yet I've found myself reaching for it multiple times daily and have already made quite a large indentation! It's not a thick balm, but it is very hydrating and is perfect for day to day use. 

I like to pop a little bit on in the morning, allowing it to sink in whilst doing the rest of my make up before applying my lip colour of choice (sometimes I'll just wear it on it's own). It has the most divine peachy scent, gives your lips a natural pink tint by reacting with their pH and also adds a little shine to help plump and smooth. Even better, as it is in stick form, no fingers are required, and so it is the perfect product to sling in your handbag (especially with the super pretty packaging) and you can slather it on throughout the day whenever you wish to without any fuss.

What are your favourite tips and tricks when it comes to low maintenance summer skincare?

Sarah x

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