18 June 2016

It's not often that a new release really catches my eye, but when I heard that Urban Decay were ditching their entire lipstick range in exchange for a souped up new collection of 100 shades (still containing some old favourites but with 74 new additions, an improved formula and a choice of six finishes to boot) I couldn't wait to get my mitts on them to try. Released online on June 9th, I wanted to wait until I could see them in the flesh before deciding which I needed to add to my already overflowing make-up wardrobe. And so, on Thursday I popped to the in-store launch after work and spent a good half hour sifting through and deciding which were my favourites whilst simultaneously sipping on a glass of champers - perfect!

Eventually, I decided on these four - Liar, Rush, Violate - all with a cream finish - and Hitch Hike - a comfort matte. It was these two finishes within the range that I was immediately drawn to as I like my lipsticks pigmented yet comfortable on the lips. There are also the mega matte, metallized, sheer and sheer shimmer finishes available - so if it's variety you're after then this lot are a pretty safe bet.

Starting with what for me, is the most daring pick of the four - Violate is a dusty purple with a pink undertone, but, unlike a lot of similar shades, doesn't wash you out at all. I'm thinking of going blonder soon and so the thought behind this one was that it would fab with platinum locks and a tonne of smudged out black liner. More of a 'standard' shade (for me at least) is Liar - bordering on a peach but leaning ever so slightly towards the pinky-nude bracket. It's one of those every day colours that would look even better with a tan and a base with a bit of golden glow. And then there's Rush - a pinky-mauve which again would suit most skin tones and is one of those effortless shades that requires minimal maintenance. 

I love how nourishing the cream formula of these is along with how it sits so nicely on the lips - yet despite this, it lasts well. I gave it it's first test run on Friday morning for work and it stuck around for a good 3-4 hours before I felt the need to top up. Plus, the fact that it applies so evenly means that it fades tidily without any obvious patches.

Much of the same can be said about Hitch Hike - a stunning brick rose - this time in the comfort matte formula. It reminds me a lot of MAC's Brick-o-la, yet I prefer it thanks to the finish which makes it longer-lasting without drying out your lips and accentuating any patches that aren' quite as smooth as they might be.

Though I am yet to thoroughly road test the shades I have picked up, so far I am a big fan of them and can definitely see myself going back and picking up more - perhaps even trying out some of the other finishes and more adventurous shades. One thing I would advise before going into store though, would be to download the Urban Decay Vice Lipstick app (available on all Apple devices), that allows you try the shades on before you buy! It can be a little overwhelming when all one hundred lipsticks are sat in front of you at once, and so I think this is a great idea to help you decide what you're after beforehand.

You can browse the entire Vice Lipstick collection here, along with the fifty corresponding lip liners that have been released. Currently retailing at what I would consider to be a very reasonable £15, in my opinion you're really getting a bargain as on first impression I would without doubt compare them to some much pricier high end counterparts. 

Have you tried anything from the new Vice collection yet? Have any of the shades caught your eye?

Sarah x

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