11 June 2016

I’m a little late jumping on the bandwagon with this (or rather last) months most loved products this time around. I thought I would throw my two cents worth in though and run through quickly, what I’ve been enjoying and reaching for on a regular basis throughout May. As the weather has been pretty glorious of late, I’ve generally been going for skin and bodycare products over anything else so as to keep me feeling refreshed, and have been keeping make up natural and to a minimum, as this little selection tends to reflect. 

Cream cleansers are one of my favourite products when it comes to wanting my skin to feel plump and nourished. I’d had my eye on this one for a while but had wanted to use up my Una Brennan Superfacialist Rose Hydrate Cleanser before splashing out (another lovely product, especially if you are on a budget). After eventually deciding to invest though, I am so glad I did. The formula is so soothing – packed with nutrient rich ingredients like avocado oil and marigold flower, and contains vinanza oxifend which helps combat any inflammation/redness/irritability. Though the product itself claims to be scent free, personally I find that there is a slight scent to it which is delicate and has a hint of floral. It isn’t at all overpowering though and I actually find it to be one of the main reasons that I enjoy using this cleanser so much – spending ages massaging in it as it feels so nourishing and luxurious. I use it as a second cleanse in the evening and also use a small amount on its own in the morning, leaving my skin feeling clean, calm and super soft. If you suffer with sensitive skin then this is definitely one to try.

Now I must be honest here – this was a completely accidental purchase! I had been perusing what was on offer at The Cosmetics Company Store - hoping to find a few bargains - and spotted the Amber Musk Body Cream. I already own Aerin’s Evening Rose Body Cream which smells incredible and is beautifully moisturising, and, with one sniff I decided I needed this one too. However, in my excitement I picked up the wrong box and only discovered when I got home, after unwrapping it, that this was the case. Not one to be deterred, I tried the body wash out that evening in my bath as part of a little pamper sesh. It created fabulous bubbles, and filled the whole of upstairs (never mind just the bathroom), with its beautiful scent encompassing a mix of slight floral hints, amber and deep creamy musk. My favourite part though, was how this lingered on my skin even the next day. I love the Aerin fragrances, but if you’re looking to save a few pennies, then picking up the body wash instead might just suffice, as it lasts for just as long on the skin! Considering I only picked this up two weeks ago,  I am already nearing the end of the bottle – a rarity for me when it comes to body products. It’s also so much less faff than using a body cream and so I think I get my moneys worth through that fact alone, as so many of my body moisturisers lie unused for weeks thanks to nothing but sheer laziness on my part!

Chanel Rouge Coco Ultra Hydrating Lip Colour in ‘Adrienne’ 

This is actually the first ‘neutral’ Chanel lipstick that I have picked up. For some reason, before this (and very unlike me) – the others all fell into the pink category with one coral – the latter being the only one I have really gotten any wear out of since purchasing. I had nipped into John Lewis to see if I could pick up a couple of the new summer nail polishes the day before they hit the shelves. Having heard a few people mention ‘Adrienne’ as being one of those perfect everyday shades, I went and gave it a swatch whilst the lovely lady on the counter went in the back to search for me. I was expecting it to be similar to one of the many other day to day shades I have in my collection, but I was pleasantly surprised. I love peachy tones, but find them hard to pull off, and they also more often than not, tend to go patchy and cling to my naturally rosy lips. Yet this shade has a very slight hint of brown to it mixed in with a muted peach undertone and does none of the above. It suits my pale skin tone beautifully and would, I should imagine, suit most skin tones. The formula is of course hydrating and feels remarkably comfortable on the lips – containing mimosa, jojoba and sunflower plant butters to nourish and condition. At last, a no fuss Chanel shade that I can rely on to carry me throughout the day! 

Whilst meandering around my local Space NK a few weeks back, I noticed that they had acquired a new Smith and Cult stand (they hadn’t stocked the brand there previously). ‘Bitter Buddhist’ had been on my wishlist for a while but had been sold out online the last time I checked and so I saw this as fate intervening and picked up a bottle. I have a couple of Smith and Cult polishes already, and though the colours (not to mention the packaging) are beautiful, I can’t say that I am a huge fan of either the brush or the formula – though far from terrible, they’re nothing special in my eyes. However, I do find them to last well, and, in this case, it has been the beautiful unique opaque celadon green (or as I like to think of it – mix between a dusky blue and a mint), that has had me hooked. I must say though, after picking up a selection of the latest Essie Gel Couture range last week (see my previous post), I can’t see me straying far away from them for the foreseeable! 

My biggest bug bare is my brows and I am always switching the products up that I use to try and achieve the fuller, more natural effect I‘m going for. One of my all time faves though, which I have repurchased a number of times now is the Anastasia Brow Wizz – its fine nib, non waxy formula and great range of shades meaning it caters to all my needs. The new brow definer in the range, caught my eye though as it combines what to me feels like the same formula (though I have heard others comment differently saying it is a little waxier), the same great range of shades (I use medium brown by the way), but also with the flexibility of a nib that allows for defined strokes yet quicker application at the same time. Personally, having quite sparse brows – I find it much easier to obtain a natural shape with this, especially at the front of the brow, thanks to the wider nib that also has a pointed end for more precision. Once this is pressed flat, it does a great job at mimicking brow hairs on its own and also works wonders at lengthening and filling in any barer patches. It appears very similar to one of the products Benefit are set to launch as part of their new overhauled brow range – the Goof Proof Brow Pencil, which, coincidentally, comes alongside a finer nibbed option – the Precisely My Brow Pencil – and so I will have to put these to the test and do a comparison at some point. For now though, I am pretty content with this latest option. 

Have you tried out any of these products? What beauty bits have you been enjoying using this month? 

Sarah x 

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