28 May 2016

If you aren't already clued up on this one, The Estee Edit is the latest collection to launch from Estee Lauder, who have teamed up with Kendall Jenner and Irene Kim to create what is a make-up and skincare line aimed at a slightly younger, more fresh faced clientele. As you can see from the packaging, it has a much edgier vibe than that a lot of the more traditional Estee Lauder products, which personally, I think is beautiful. And, since the moment I saw US bloggers starting to mention the new line when it was launched there, I just knew that the moment it landed here in the UK I would have to get my hands on it.

After reading/watching many a blog post and YouTube video, I eventually managed to whittle things down and create a list of my most coveted products from the collection, and, when it officially launched yesterday, I got in there quickly and placed an order - next day delivery. Today, I've had fun playing around and giving everything a good test drive, and so I thought I would share with you on here, my first impressions on what I picked up;

I don't want to speak too soon, but after wearing this all day today in what have been pretty sticky conditions I think I may have fallen for it big time. What is essentially a tinted moisturiser with a light finish (though it can be mixed with something heavier for a fuller coverage) the Skin Glowing Balm claims to enhance rather than cover your natural skin. I would completely agree with this assessment as I felt it gave me a gorgeous glow and was so hydrating throughout the day once applied. I had been a little worried that after spending a few hours outside in the sunshine, combined with the slightly oily skin I suffer with would mean my looking like an oil slick but in fact it was the complete opposite - I still looked fresh faced and thanks to the long list of lovely ingredients including shea butter, evening primrose oil and peony extract, my skin stayed feeling nourished and soft the entire time.  

The formula of these lipsticks is absolutely out of this world with real flower petal waxes from rose, jasmine and lavender along with muru muru butter helping to hydrate - meaning they apply super smoothly and feel incredibly comfortable on the lips. They are much sheerer than they appear in the bullet, though they can be layered to create a more intense colour and are so creamy and lightweight that you barely know you're wearing them. I went for the shade 'So Bare' - a muted deep rose with a definite hint of brown to it and I LOVE it.  So much so that I will definitely be placing another order to pick up my second choice - 'In the Flesh' - a slightly lighter, muted peachy shade and will also be giving the mattified lipsticks in the range a go to see if they live up to their counterparts.

Again I picked up the shade 'So Bare' to match the lipstick I went for. The shades match the lipsticks in the Barest Lip Colour line and are creamy and easy to apply. It is recommended that you use them more heavily/lighter dependent upon how it is you wish to contour your lips though I have yet to try this. However, I found the liner to make the perfect partner to the lipstick and ensured that the more sheer formula lasted well on my lips.

Until now I had been yet to try a contour and highlight in stick form. I went for the light/medium shade and it works really nicely as a subtle alternative to some of the other options out there. It's easy to blend and I also really love how precise you can be with your application - a little nose contouring and Cupid's bow definition is super simple to achieve!

These are without doubt one of the standout products within the collection, due primarily to the stunning packaging and the metallic spray-over that helps add a subtle shimmer. They are wonderfully pigmented and, infused with sunflower seed oil, have a smooth, buttery texture that applies evenly to give a natural finish that can be built upon easily. I chose the shades 'Purr Pink' and 'Coy Coral' - a brightening pink that adds a slight flush, and a subtle tangerine perfect if you want to achieve that summer glow.

Giant brush on one side, plastic bristles on the other, this stuff has everything I look for in mascara and more. It claims to give big volume and curl, the first of which I can definitely attest to (I have pretty 'curly' lashes even without mascara though so am perhaps not the best qualified to comment on the latter). The smaller plastic brush is perfect for separating and use on the bottom lashes, and, as promised, it is completely budge-proof. I have heard a few people saying that it is a nightmare to take off, but personally I managed it without too much difficulty at all using my normal cleansing oil and muslin cloth. A huge winner if you're into super black, super defined, voluminous lashes.

Having inherited my mother's skin when it comes to larger pores, until now I had come to accept this. When I read about this product's oil absorbing qualities as well as its targeting pores in order to help blur and create a flawless finish though, I thought I would give it a go, not really expecting miracles but curious nonetheless. Essentially it is a primer and concealer in one, and does a lovely job of softening the appearance of pores (of course nothing is going to make them disappear completely) and ensuring oil is kept at bay. I used it across my t-zone and on my chin and found that it provided a really nice base underneath the Skin Glowing Balm.

The main reason I picked this up was because I liked the idea of it being an eyeshadow/liner multi-tasking duo. I chose the shade 'Spiced' as it fits my usual copper-ish brown bracket and it works amazingly as a great way to define the lower lash line (my favourite way to use it so far), and, used as an eyeshadow - doesn't crease and applies nicely, being both blendable and buildable.

It was the gimmick surrounding this gloss that had me suckered in as soon as I heard about it - containing blue micro pearls that are undetectable once applied but which help to make teeth appear whiter both in person and on camera. Some more road testing is definitely in order here as I didn't notice any immediate difference but that may be because I haven't long have my teeth whitened. The gloss itself is a nice consistency though (not to sticky) and has a sweet smelling vanilla scent, so if you like a bit of shine this might be one for you.

The Verdict?

The products I invested in from the Estee Edit have definitely lived up to my expectations. I am seriously impressed with almost everything I have tried and I am excited about giving some more bits including some of the skincare from the line a go. It is without doubt worth the price tag for me, with the Skin Glowing Balm, the mascara, the Barest Lip Colour lipsticks and the Barest Blushes being my favourites on first impression. 

The collection is available exclusively at Selfridges now, and I would seriously recommend you check it out if you're into your dewy, fresh skin and natural nudes i.e. if you're looking to channel your inner Kendall!

Sarah x

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