14 May 2016

Please tell me I’m not the only one who can be incredibly lazy when it comes to base application? When I can get away with it I will always use my fingers – a) because it’s a lot quicker and b) because it means brush washing becomes a less frequent event which IMO can only be a good thing. And that’s fine, especially if I’m wearing a lighter base, but when it comes to a fuller coverage foundation, sometimes my tips just won’t cut it and I need to pull out the big guns. I realised a few weeks back that my usual go to tools – i.e. the Bobbi Brown Face and the Real Techniques buffing brush, had seen better days, and so I decided to pick up a few new additions to my face kit – namely, these three;

When these first came on the scene all I could think was circa 2001 – power foundation compacts and the matching sponges that came with. I just couldn’t get my head around the concept, and it is only recently after witnessing something of a revival in the beauty community, that I decided to give into the hype and put it to the test. Though it takes a little more time than I'd like to work foundation into the skin, the finish it gives is beautiful and undoubtedly the most natural of the three - absorbing any excess and giving a light and consistent finish. In fact, I have been using it after my base brush of choice as a last step to ensure even application and no build up on patches that are more prone to dryness and it works a treat. It also works great with concealer (especially under eye - helped by the pointed end), and is, I've found, fantastic for touch ups on the go, making the perfect partner to my Shiseido Fixing Mist in order to refresh my base throughout the day.

This was my first wander into the realms of Sigma and I was eager to find out what all the fuss was about. It was the unique concept of this brush being designed with the intention of making application quick and precise that really caught my attention as I’ve no time in the mornings to be faffing around too much with make-up as much as I would love to. It definitely works best with a medium to full coverage base product due to the density of the brush hairs being so high (tending to just suck up any lighter coverage counterparts) – it works perfectly with the Dior Forever Foundation that I have been testing out the past week or so, and is great for when you need to get into the areas around your eyes and nose that can be a little harder to manoeuvre. The finish it leaves is pretty flawless, and with the aid of the Beauty Blender used to press in/absorb any excess – a full coverage, lasting finish is easily achievable with this one.  

What I believe is the latest release amidst the selection, and what I have come to consider to be the most multi-tasking of the bunch too. It works well with pretty much all of the different bases I have tried it with – be it high coverage, sheer, a creamier, gel-like or a more liquid consistency and in each instance blends quickly and leaves my skin looking absolutely flawless after application. I don’t really need to use the Beauty Blender with this one, though I will on occasion if I am feeling something super natural. It does a great job on it’s own though thanks to the fact that though the ends of the brush hairs are fairly well dispersed and allow for quick and even application, the base of the brush is still quite dense and so your base product of choice buffs in seamlessly without it looking too thick or any going to waste.  

What are your favourite tips and tools when it comes to ensuring a perfect finish?

Sarah x

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