4 May 2016

When I think of spring in terms of beauty, I tend to envisage peachy-pinks, floral scents and sheer bases. Hints of colour but with an altogether fresher feel than a lot of the deeper hues I normally associate with the colder months. I find myself more inclined to wear a satin lipstick or to layer a gloss over my normal matte shade of choice, and seem to start reaching a lot more often for the bronzer that  sits unused at the back of my Muji draws for six months of the year. Spring is a time where new blossoms bloom – out with the old and in with the new -  and so it feels only right to me to have a spring clean around this time of year, of not only my space at home and my wardrobe, but also my make-up stash. And, in the process, I get chance to make room for a few new products in my collection, and to  rediscover some old favourites – the likes of which I wanted to talk about today; 


Usually the first thing I think of when it comes to being able to pair make-up with a specific season. I never like to go too wild when it comes to lips on a day to day basis – and though I am a huge fan of a red lip; be it pillar box, burgundy, berry – you name it – I find that a lot of the peachy-pink shades that I mentioned, just don’t seem to suit my skin tone. For this reason, I tend to stick to either more muted versions of these shades, or something a little sheerer, avoiding the brighter fuchsias and neon pinks that look so wonderful on some people. Some of my favourites lately have been Tom Ford's 'Indian Rose', Charlotte Tilbury's 'Between the Sheets' and Rosie for Autograph's 'Camisole Blush'.


I am definitely a stickler when it comes to blush, more often than not sticking with my trusty dusky mauves and muted pinks. I don’t think I suit anything to bright or harsh and so it can be difficult sometimes, despite wanting to like a product, to actually really fall in love with it. Lately though I have found a couple of exceptions to the rule. Becca’s 'Flowerchild' and Laura Mercier’s 'Lotus Pink' are two beautiful shades which I find work incredibly well thanks to the fact that they are beautifully pigmented with a gorgeous buttery formula, but at the same time, when used sparingly apply sheer and are really buildable. The former is a delicate peach, and the latter, what I would describe as being a peony pink with a very slight hint of coral. Both wear well and I have been alternating between them on a day to day basis of late. 


If you read my Budget Buys posts a few weeks back, you will have seen me mention the Loreal Colour Riche nail polishes and these are still some of my faves – since then I have picked up the shade 'Nudedemoi' - a gorgeous off white with just a hint of pink to it. I have also been seriously loving the Tom Ford's 'Mink Brulee' and, my most recent discovery - the new Dior Vernis Polka Dots Colour and Dots Manicure sets – the duo 003 Plumetis in particular. I’m not normally one for nail art, and it was originally the darker shade in this set that I spotted in store not realising that it came as part of a pair that also included the nail dotting tool alongside. I decided to pick it up anyway, as both shades are super pretty for Spring and whether used alone or together give a beautiful result. I also really love the fact that the bottles are miniature and so perfect for sticking in your bag in case you need to touch up on the go. The 'Confettis' duo consisting of a brighter peach and a vibrant coral are also stunning and I am seriously considering laying my hands on them for Summer before they disappear off the counters. 


Like I say, when it comes to Spring I enjoy a light fragrance – something sweet and delicate, and the first of the two I am going to mention, fits the bill perfectly; Jo Malone’s 'Wild Bluebell'.  There aren’t many sights or smells that fill me with joy more so than a wood full of wild bluebells and so from the minute I smelt this, what is now a couple of years ago, I just knew I had to have it. As with all Jo Malone scents, there is nothing artificial about it and it smells exactly like the real thing. It isn’t the most long wearing fragrance I own, but I carry it with me as I have the smaller 30ml bottle and spritzing it throughout the day not only makes me smell delicious but also brings a smile to my face at the same time. At the somewhat opposite end of the spectrum, is Diptique’s Eau Duelle; a much woodier scent with notes of vanilla, frankincense and spices incorporated throughout. It isn’t your typical Spring scent, but personally I like to separate my fragrances through what I would consider evening and day appropriate options. This is definitely more evening orientated and as such is a lot sexier, darker and more sultry, whilst still maintaining a hint of that sweetness thanks to the vanilla. I’ve heard a lot of people compare the scent to that of white chocolate and I can definitely see where they are coming from; something which I am definitely not going to be complaining about! 

What new discoveries/old favourites have you been adding into your routine lately as part of a little seasonal overhaul? 

Sarah x  

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