9 April 2016

Fresh faced and fancy free is a look I have really been enjoying lately. I think it's a subconscious thing after seeing so many spring 'switch up' posts floating around that have inspired me and made me want to strive to achieve a healthy glow.

When it comes to base, the two products I have been reaching for on an equally regular basis have been the NIOD Photography Fluid and the BECCA Backlight Priming Perfector. I first spotted the former when I was watching one of Jess's videos where she paired it with the By Terry Cover Expert Foundation. Her skin looked incredible and so I picked them both up on a whim and haven't looked back.

Since then, I have seen the Photography Fluid gracing the blogosphere on a much more regular basis and have heard rave reviews each time I have seen it mentioned. Personally, I find its 'camera hue correction technologies', great when it comes to helping me tone down the redness in my skin and though I can't stipulate as to its performance in front of the camera (something it apparently excels at), I can say, that I have fallen big time for its oil-free yet hydrating formula which sinks in effortlessly and blurs any imperfections, leaving my skin looking and feeling flawless and radiant. I like to apply as I do with most primers and use a layer under my foundation, as I find that products tend to apply more evenly this way. Though equally, you could mix a few drops in if you wanted to save some time and I am sure the final effect would be very much comparable.

In many ways, the BECCA primer works similarly - again, helping to boost the luminosity of your skin compared with what a stand alone foundation would have the power to do. The texture of this stuff is a lot more creamy as opposed to the photography fluid which as you would expect is more of a liquid consistency, and so this does take a bit more working into the skin. Despite this fact though, it does have its pros in that this means it is  somewhat more multifunctional and as well as using this as a base/primer, it can also easily be used as a 'regular' highlight on the high points of the face to add a little something.

And speaking of highlighters, these are something that admittedly I can be a bit of a floozy when it comes to usually. I've a number in my collection and a number on my current wishlist (with BECCA's Pressed Shimmering Skin Perfector in Moonstone sitting at the top right now), but these two have been the main contenders for favourite that I have been reaching for lately. 

Not an awful lot needs to be said about the first - the same BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector but in Champagne Pop has received so much hype lately that of course I caved and gave it a go. Just a smidge of this will go a long way and give you a beautiful sun-kissed glow. It is shimmery, but thanks to the beautiful finely milled, buttery formula of the BECCA highlighters, there are no huge chunks of glitter in there. When used sparingly, this stuff will give your cheekbones a real wow factor - just remember not to go all out and end up looking like a disco ball rather than achieving that subtle sparkle you were after.

Then there's the MAC Creme Colour Base in the shade 'Hush' - a creamy highlight with a peachy glow that works especially well when it's the 'golden goddess' look that you're going for. I love pairing this with my NARS Deep Throat blush, a smokey brown eye and a slick of gloss in a neutral shade for when I want that 'glow' to be taken to the next level.

And for the grand finale and to compete the line up - the piece de resistance - Tatcha's Dewy Skin Mist. Another much talked about product in the blogging world recently, and, as far as I am aware, still only available from Sephora to ship over from the US. A couple of spritzes of this goes a long way in not only adding a burst of radiance to the complexion, but in ensuring your make up doesn't fade or cake as much as it might usually do throughout the day. Just don't overdo it or again, you might end up with more of a gleam than a glow with this one! A beautiful product though, and with dreamy packaging to boot.

What products do you enjoy using to create that fresh-faced look all day long?

Sarah x


  1. I used the Becca primer for the first time ever today and safe to say I'm falling in love with it. The photography fluid is next on my list to try!

    xo Millie

    1. It really is so beautiful! If you enjoy a good glow then you'll love it. I've been using it with the By Terry Cover Expert and they're a match made in heaven! x