17 April 2016

When I first heard about this range of products from Perricone MD, I liked the sound of it but was a little sceptical of the concept. Essentially, it has been developed with the aim of trying to address dull looking skin (something that becomes more common with age) by giving it a natural radiance without it looking like you've loaded the make-up on.

At the same time, the products contain ingredients that are beneficial for the skin and that over time claim to have it looking plumped and more youthful with continued use. Both the No Bronzer Bronzer and the No Highlighter Highlighter for instance, contain Vitamin C ester, which support natural collagen production and diffuse existing sun damage. Though I can't really comment as to the skincare claims as yet, as I have only been using these for a couple of weeks, I can definitely attest to the radiant skin claims and say that the No Make-up range has so far completely surpassed my expectations in that respect.

The No Foundation Foundation provides a pretty sheer coverage, which for me is fine as I've been enjoying a lighter base lately (just using concealer to touch up the under eyes and any particular patches that need it). The texture is beautiful - it's so smooth that it applies more like a moisturiser than a foundation, and takes little blending as it almost melts into the skin with very little effort required. I went for the shade 'Light', which is a pretty perfect match for my pale complexion, although the more bronzed amongst you may struggle as there are only two shades available - light and light/medium. Ingredients like antioxidant alpha lipolic acid are present, along with SPF30 which look to both protect the skin and minimise the appearance of pores and fine lines - something I find the foundation to do well despite it's lightweight formula - which, on a side note, also means that it is long-lasting, wears well and doesn't cake. 

When it comes to the rest of the base products, again I was equally wowed - the liquid formula of each meaning they were super easy to blend and ended up looking incredibly natural on the skin. The No Bronzer Bronzer is warm toned but in no way orange, and what I like about it most as with the other base products, is how easily buildable it is. A little goes a long way but blends out easily, and so it's really hard to overdo it. The same goes for the No Blush Blush, which as you would expect, adds a beautiful rosy glow to the cheeks - adapting to each individual skin-tone, and, when combined with the No Highlighter Highlighter that contains light-reflecting pigment pearls, creates the most gorgeous luminous finish.  

The No Lipstick Lipstick is more of a balm and applies relatively sheer, though again, you can layer it up for more coverage.  It leaves lips looking smooth, plumped and feeling super hydrated with a natural rosy tint. I have also already noticed a notable difference with the condition of my lips with this one - any dryness having disappeared after just a couple of uses. The fact that it contains SPF20 is a huge plus for me, and claims that the presence of neuropeptides to help activate surface renewal and regenerate skin, really seem to ring true so far.

If you haven't already, I would thoroughly recommend giving the No Make Up collection a go. Other than perhaps the foundation, I think the shades would work well with the majority of skin tones, and if it's incandescence with a side order of skincare benefits that you're after, then this lot will fit the bill perfectly.

Sarah x


  1. Although I have heard of Perricone MD I haven't actually tried any of their products but I really would like to as the packaging is just so pretty x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty

    1. I hadn't tried anything from them until recently, and the products I had considered trying were from their skincare line. It wasn't until I saw a couple of people mention this range that I felt compelled to give it a go. I'll definitely be trying more from them in future. x