23 April 2016

If you’ve read my 'French Skincare Staples' post, you will already know that one of the latest additions to my face mask stash has been the Caudalie Instant Detox mask – something which until a few weeks ago, I hadn’t realised was part of their Vinosource line. In fact, it wasn’t until Caudalie contacted me and kindly offered to send over some of their new products set to launch as part of the collection, that it registered what a big fan of it I already am – not only already owning the mask, but also the Overnight Recovery Oil and the S.O.S Serum, both of which I have been using for quite some time. 

Much of the Vinosource range itself is formulated using organic grape water set to soothe and hydrate skin, eliminating redness and leaving it looking and feeling refreshed - things that I had found the products I had already tried, to tackle brilliantly. And, having been trialing out the new products in the line over the last couple of weeks, I can happily report that they too, seem to be living up to these claims. I have really been enjoying using them, and, more importantly, am super impressed so far, with the results I have seen in such a short space of time. 

My two favourites amid the bunch, have been the Moisturizing Sorbet* and the Matifying Fluid*, both of which have now become daily staples in my skincare routine. The former is a beautiful, lightweight moisturiser with a gel-cream consistency that means it turns to liquid upon contact with the skin and sinks in instantly. It has a wonderful, delicate fragrance containing notes of mandarin blossom, lemon tree leaf, cucumber and fresh mint, which aren’t at all overpowering and make it a joy to apply. I know when I really love a moisturiser, when I find myself using it both in the evening and before getting started each day, which is exactly what I've been doing with this. Thanks to its easily absorbed formula, it is perfect for use under make up, and, at the same time, can be mixed with your oil/serum of choice in the evening to give your skin that extra little boost of hydration – something I have been doing each night by adding in a few drops of the Overnight Recovery Oil/S.O.S Serum that I mentioned. As a result, my skin has felt smooth, plumped and hydrated but without the tacky/greasy feeling I’m often left with after moisturizing with something heavier. 

Alongside the sorbet*, I have also been using the Matifying Fluid* each morning underneath my make-up and have found it to be a fantastic primer, not only for keeping oil at bay thanks to the Java tea leaf extracts present, helping to absorb and regulate sebum production, but for ensuring my base product of choice doesn’t cake and break up throughout the day. It doesn’t feel at all silicony and leaves my skin feeling moisturised and velvety smooth before I apply make-up. I have noticed a remarkable difference between how my face looks at the end of the day after wearing this compared with when I forget to apply it. 

As far as the Grape Water* itself is concerned,  I don’t feel like I have had chance to thoroughly test this out as yet, though I have used it on a couple of occasions as the toning step within my skincare routine, and can confirm that it both smells beautiful and is great for if you’re looking to quickly cool and refresh tired skin. I have no doubt though, that once the warmer weather arrives, this will become a handbag essential for me, especially thanks to the aerosol spray that provides a nice even application as opposed to some of the ‘squirtier’ alternatives out there! 

If you’re into your lightweight formulas when it comes to skincare then I would definitely recommend giving these new additions to the Vinosource line a go. Whether you’ve dry skin in need of a hit of hydration, want to battle a touch of rouge or eliminate shine, I feel like the line up has something for everyone and could benefit all skin types. I have yet to try the two other new releases in the range – the Intense Moisture Rescue Cream and the Moisture Recovery Cream - but now that I’ve been wowed by these, I feel like it won’t be too long before temptation gets the better of me and I give them a go. 

Have you tried anything from the Caudalie Vinosource range yet? Do any of the latest additions catch your eye? If you want to get your hands on them, you can do so here as they officially launch today!

Sarah x

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