28 February 2016

Getting bored of a product and the wanting to try the latest talked about release in the world of beauty, is something that I all too often succumb to the temptation of. However, there are a handful of products, that no matter what alternatives I try, I always end up returning to and when I do I realise exactly why it was that I loved them so much in the first place.

If you read this post that I wrote a few weeks back, you will remember that I had been testing out the new Blue Moon Cleansing Balm from Sunday Riley and in light of this, had neglected to pick up another bottle of my usual firm favourite from Oskia. As soon as I saw myself nearing the end though, I headed over to Cult Beauty and stuck another one in my basket without pausing for thought.

I liked the Blue Moon cleanser and despite it being a little harder to work with in terms of needing to warm it up in your hands before application, it smelt amazing, worked well with my skin and provided definite competition when it came to my another favourite - Emma Hardie's cult classic - the Amazing Face Moringa. As soon as I got my hands back on the Oskia cleanser though, it just reinforced to me how nothing else can compare. If ever there was a product that was worth the hype then this is it. It feels so luxurious to apply and the way it morphs from what is essentially more of a balm into an oil with the faintest scent of rose, means that more often than not I spend far longer than I need to massaging it in as I enjoy the process so much! It leaves my skin feeling soft, smooth and spotless and is here to stay.

Most of the time, the effort it takes to tan is something that I'm not willing to waste my precious time doing. On occasion though, when I do feel like a little bronzing is required, there is nothing else I reach for. I don't think I've ever worked my way through an entire bottle of tan before this stuff entered my life and so the fact that this is now my third speaks volumes. I love how the express mousse absorbs so quickly, goes on with a hint of olive green (which disappears after while) so that you know you haven't missed any spots, dries quickly and develops in no time.

If you aren't already au fait with how it works - the tan can be left one for between 1 to 3 hours, dependent upon how dark it is you want to go. Personally I find that I like to leave it for the full three to gain maximum effect. If I am in a rush before going out though, the glow that is achieved in the hour before is also just enough to eliminate the gleam from my snow white pins.

It has a slight scent to it as is the case with most fake tans, though it's nothing too overpowering and once washed off it doesn't linger. I shan't be straying away from this little gem any time soon.

The quest for the perfect brows (or in my case - brows that aren't so minuscule it takes a magnifying glass to see them (never trust a 15 year old with a pair of tweezers) - is something I am constantly chasing. At the moment I am trying out a new growth serum which seems to be doing some good and so with continued use and a good brow tint I am hoping to have more substantial face framers back in my life before too long. In the meantime though I have settled on the Anastasia brow range to help ease my woes.

This is my second Brow Wizz and having originally gone for the 'Dark Brown' shade (not a bad match at all but perhaps a little harsh), I have now opted for the shade 'Medium Brown' which creates a more subtle effect and with my now lighter locks looks a lot more natural. The fine nib which allows precise strokes and lack of waxy wear throughout the day, are definitely the two biggest plus points to this product, and in conjunction with the Dip Brow Pomade creates the perfect duo. This definitely sits at the top of the brow taming tree for me.

What beauty products do you find it hard to live long without?

Sarah x

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