15 February 2016

My Burberry beauty obsession all started when I laid my hands on their eyeshadow in 'Pale barley'. The perfect everyday shade - a washed out taupe with a very fine shimmer to it, that works well on it's own if it's just a slight wash of colour that you're after, or is equally as good used as a base for something a bit more fancy.

From there I moved onto lipsticks - the latest addition to my collection being the shade 'Rosewood' from their Velvet Lips line. I was a little hesitant at first as I ordered this online without the chance to swatch and had heard a lot of comparisons with MAC's 'Mehr' (which I love but don't need more than one of!). I needn't have worried though as this has a pinker tone to it, and on my skin-tone at least is a lot more brightening. The formula is also incredible as it's matte without being at all drying - the most moisturising matte lipstick I've ever tried by far.

The most pleasant surprise among the bunch, has been the Light Glow blush in 'Tangerine'. Despite the name having 'I've been tangoed' connotations, it is in fact a beautiful muted matte peach shade. A little goes a long way as it is well pigmented, and works perfectly as one of those blushes that works both on an everyday basis and also paired with a bold lip where you don't want too much focus to be paid to anything else.

And finally, the most recent extension to my stash - the Fresh Glow BB Cream (Fair 01 FYI). Recently - both in light of the colder weather and the fact that my skin seems to have dried out/taken a  bit of  a battering as a result, I've been aiming for more of a glow when it comes to base than I would do usually. I had heard mixed reviews, including some that referred to the 'ultra dewy' finish this has as being overkill when it comes to trying to obtain that radiance so may of us are after. However, I am inclined to disagree. The coverage is, as you would imagine with a BB cream - relatively light, but has a lovely finish and when teamed with a little of my favourite Clarins concealer is perfect for day to day wear. It also lasts a good 6-8 hours on me without the need to re-powder - which is pretty good going as an oily t-zone so often turns out to be my nemesis! A little more trialling is undoubtedly in order, but for now a solid contender when it comes to replacing my beloved Dior Nude BB Cream.

Have you tried any beauty products from Burberry of late? If so, what would you recommend? Take note too, that if you do feel like dabbling, Feel Unique are currently offering 10% off, so strike while the iron's hot!

Sarah x

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  1. The lipstick looks gorgeous, though I may be pulled in by the name haha, major PlL fan :)
    xxx Claire