Those Girls Though

13 January 2016

The last couple of months have been - for lack of a better word – shit. And though the struggle continues, the last few days have definitely seen a corner turned. I no longer want to cry and hide under a blanket when I think of all the crap I’ve had to deal with – instead, I want to scream, punch something/one and listen to a hell of a lot of heavy metal :’) ( you’ll be glad to know it’s only the latter that I have actually taken any action regarding). Anger feels better than sadness, that much I can tell you.

And how did I get here, I hear you ask – well, in short, the answer would have to be – other women. I’ve never been the biggest advocate of the whole ‘sisterhood’ thing, in fact, the vast majority of my friends back in school and at uni were guys – I could never be bothered with the ‘bitchiness’ being friends with a bunch of girls seemed to bring with it.

I’ve always had my best friend Steph – who, through all the ups and downs has always been there for me and I’d like to think I have been for her too. We don’t see each other that often, but we talk (often non-stop) pretty much every day and if there was ever a time that I needed her, I know she would be there in the blink of an eye. And then there are the other two wonderful women in my life – Laura and Colle. Without them I feel like I may well have lost faith in the whole of humanity by now – and for their wise words, their ability to act as agony aunts 24/7 – to laugh, cry and spew uncontrollable venom over a glass of cheap rose I will be forever grateful. I love all these girls dearly.

What I have also learnt lately though,  is that not only can I find strength in talking to my ‘real life’ girlfriends, I can also find it online – by reading some of the inspirational content women on the web put out there now. It makes you feel less alone, less scared of what the future may hold – it gives you faith seeing other people getting through the same thing that you are dealing with and coming out stronger on the other side. Not just stronger – better people, more confident people – in love with themselves. I’ve known for a long time, what a supportive place the blogging community is, but it’s not until you put this to the test that it really hits home what a saviour it can be for women like me.

From speaking with other people lately, I know that often they feel the same way I do about not being able to think positively, about not being able to picture a future without spiralling into some sort of panic re needing to find the perfect job, the perfect partner, the perfect home… the list goes on - all by the time they’ve reached the grand old age of 25. And so I thought I would share with you all on here today, some of the ladies who (despite not knowing it) have helped to get me through some of the most difficult times I’ve had to face. Who have, in turn, helped me to believe that there really is light at the end of the tunnel.

Megs, Laura and Katy have, not only in the last few months but prior to this as I have been reading their blogs/following their online presence for some time now, managed to make me feel hopeful – managed to make me feel as though it’s worth persevering because better things are on the horizon. I don’t want to recount their own stories, but I would urge you to go and read them for yourselves if it’s some inspiration you’re after. They truly are incredible girls who despite suffering the same heartbreak and set backs, have managed to remain dignified, shine throughout and turn their ‘situations’ into reasons to re-invent – to thrive and not to throw the towel in.

It’s made me realise – this whole ‘soulmate’ thing – maybe there is more too it… maybe you can have more than one and maybe they’re not always who you expect. Maybe they’re the ones that stand tall with you, that never dessert you. Just maybe they're the ones you cry to, never over.

Sarah x

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