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5 January 2016

I always struggle when it comes to finding ‘nudes’ that I can pull of in lipstick form. A pale complexion normally means that I just end up looking washed out and like I should be performing as an extra in the cast of Les Mis. Plus, now that the colder weather has hit, the ability to wear these shades without them also highlighting the chapped, flaky lips I quite often find myself suffering with becomes even trickier. And so, rather than trying to persist, lately I have taken a different approach – sticking with the bolder colours I enjoy wearing and know suit me, but searching for these in a sheerer formula and with the added benefit of working as a balm - so as not to offend the eyes of those I work with! And, after much experimenting, I managed to unearth two treasures in particular that I felt I wanted to share.

1. Aerin’s Rose Balm Lipstick in – 04 Coral Sands – which, in the bullet looks a rather vibrant shade of coral as the name would suggest, but on the lips simply adds a subtle peachy tint. I saw Alix from I Covet Thee wearing this and just knew I had to have it.  It’s perfect to keep handy on your desk both due to the minimal effort required when reapplying and for the moisturising qualities it has in keeping your lips looking plump and juicy all day long. Plus - add a smoked out taupey eye in the evening and you’re taken from board meeting to date night in an instant.
2. Marc Jacobs New Nudes Sheer Lip Gel in – Understudy. More of a muted rose colour is how I would describe this, but with an equally comfortable formula on the lips which stays put and which personally I think is a little more day to day appropriate especially if you work in more of a corporate environment like I do. This sort of nude – a little more on the brown side rather than pink, really is ‘my colour’ – flattering yet non offensive and if it’s a pretty pout you’re after then I fail to see how many people could go wrong with this one. The packaging is beautiful too with a real retro feel, making it the perfect gift for any lipstick lovers out there.

Does anyone else find it hard to carry off paler lips? If you’ve any tips on what shades to pick up or how to do so, I’d be all ears!

Sarah x

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