When it comes to lip colours, there is one word that when I hear it, I know it won't let me down. Whether it sits on the pink, brown or even the rouge side of things - the natural flush a 'rosy' lipstick gives me - the 'my lips but better' look it achieves - is something that I am all about. You can never have enough of these easy to wear, day to day shades if you ask me - so I thought I'd share a few of my faves.

Kicking things off (from left to right), is the Laura Mercier Creme Smooth Lip Colour in 'Spiced Rose' - what I would describe as being a veiled pink that edges slightly towards the cooler side of things. Personally I find the formula super moisturising, and though it isn't particularly long wearing due to the creamy texture, it fades nicely without leaving the dreaded line we all do our best to avoid. This shade in particular, seems to a be growing favourite amongst bloggers lately after Tanya Burr wore it on her wedding day. However, I first spotted Lily wearing it in this video which is what inspired me to pick it up myself.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, is Estee Lauder's Pure Colour Envy sculpting Lipstick in 'Rebellious Rose' - a muted pinkish-red with a slightly less subtle result, though equally as wearable. It has great colour payoff and staying power thanks to what is quite a thick, creamy texture, yet still manages to hydrate the lips well. The packaging also plays a big part in my love for this one as it has one of those magnetic closures that means minimum effort, maximum satisfaction!

And last but by no means least - a rather lovely offering from Charlotte Tilbury. Her K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipstick in 'Stoned Rose' is the newest addition to my stash but already a firm favourite. Less on the pink side of things, it's almost a little sandy (perhaps even with a hint of coral?). The formula is lightweight and so you might expect the pigmentation to suffer as a result, but no, what you see in the bullet is what you get. The one observation I would make is that despite these lipsticks apparently being renowned for their moisturising qualities, I actually find that it clings to my lips a lot more than the other two - a beautiful product though nonetheless.

Any suggestions of other shades I should add to my collection are most welcome!

Sarah x

During Wednesday's lunch break this week, I did as I so often do and popped into John Lewis for a mooch around the beauty section. As there has been quite a lot of hype within the blogger world lately surrounding the new Chanel Healthy Glow Foundation, and as I already use the powder from the line, I decided I'd give it a go and asked the lady on the counter to slap some on so that I could see how it faired throughout the rest of the day.

The finish was, as you might expect from the name - glowing - though as I had hoped, did not leave me looking shiny despite my combination skin. Coverage was medium, and concealed exactly what I wanted it too (i.e. any redness/blemishes) without looking like I had too much caked on - still managing to create a natural, yet relatively flawless end result. When I arrived home six hours later - despite not having touched up in between - there were no patches where the foundation had obviously faded, and, having also teamed it with the Multi-use Illuminating Base - the glow remained but without the possibility of mistaking this as being more of a 'glint' after a long day. Suitably impressed, I went back the next day and picked up my own bottle in the shade No 20.

Originally, the reason I had gravitated towards the Chanel counter, had been because I was hoping to get my hands on their Stylo Eyeshadow in the shade 'Olivine'. I'm a sucker when it comes to a bit of subtle sparkle and my eyeshadow collection is distinctly lacking when in comes to greens (MACs 'Sumptuous Olive' being the one exception), so when I saw Tanya Burr wearing this is one of her recent videos I fell in love. Unbeknownst to me however, this shade was part of Chanel's Summer 2015 collection, hence a little harder to get hold of than I had anticipated. Generally unavailable in stores now (unless you manage to strike it lucky), I instead had to opt for tracking it down online. So glad I did though, as I wasn't disappointed - a beautiful, deep, what I would describe as being more of a khaki green - which, when blended out unveils a gorgeous shimmer with tiny flecks of glitter peeking through. Perfect for a smokey eye with a difference and for any special occasion you have coming up. I've an evening make up look using this scheduled, but if you can't wait to see what it looks like applied, there's a great post here from Brooke including some lovely swatches of the whole Summer collection.

If you do fancy trying out either of these two (or any other beauty bits for that matter), then MyVoucherCodes are offering free standard delivery on John Lewis orders over £50 right now, so why not take advantage and treat yourself?

Sarah x

After spending the first half of today transporting yet more bits to the flat, a well deserved break was in order. We popped into Smuggler's Cove - warmed up from the icy wind outside with a tipple and indulged in a delicious Sunday roast. Perfect.

Followed this up by nipping into town - picking up a new bottle of Diptique's 'Eau Duelle', downing a Hotel Chocolate hot chocolate and eyeing up Topshop's latest offerings. It's the first time in a while that I've felt that content - like I have a whole lot to look forward to, like I'm ready to take the world by storm - and for that reason, I wanted to document it.

Now it's time for a super duper bubbly bath, face mask, PJs and chick flick of choice. Sometimes you just gotta self indulge - especially on a Sunday ;) Right?

What is it you like to do to recharge before the Monday madness makes it's unwelcome return?

Sarah x
Now and again, out of nowhere - panic hits. It's becoming a rarer and rarer occurrence, but sometimes I find the only way to make it subside is by reading things - certain things, sometimes over and over - until eventually they start to make sense - until eventually I start to realise they are true and my brain is being entirely irrational.

The first time I read this CNN piece by Daniel Smith - 'Can Anxiety Kill Your ability to Love?' - I cried. And I mean sobbed. It resonated so much, that I even made the stupid mistake of sending it to said individual it reminded me of, but to no avail. I doubt they even took the time to skim it - then again, that's only to be expected if the things Daniel says are to believed. Either way, it made me realise things weren't my fault - that I had no power to change them, and I had wanted to at the time.

Since then I have learned that I can't, that I shouldn't and that I don't want to - in that order. But that at least this piece gives me some hope that maybe that person did care, that they do - just that they're too fucked up to know how to deal with it. It's a long shot, and I'm not sure I believe it, but it's better than admitting to myself that I spent ten years thinking the world of someone who doesn't care whether they ever speak to me again.

On the opposite side of things, a friend also recommended I read this piece - 'This is the Moment Your Heartbreak Will End' by Kim Quindlen. It didn't have the same effect upon first glance as that previous, but it has been a grower as time has progressed. In particular, the final paragraph - 'And then, one day, you’re sitting in your office chair, and there are no longer tears vibrating behind your eyelids. You don’t even notice this fact. All you know is that you’re doing your work. And you’re going to happy hour later', has resulted in quite the feeling of recognition over recent weeks. The progression from that first day where I forced myself to go in - hands shaking, lump in throat, unable to concentrate for more than a few seconds without welling up - has been huge - and I am proud of myself for pushing through.

And then, the piece de resistance; If you read Tuesday's post you will have seen my having acknowledged the babe that is Laura and her blog - Superlatively Rude. This post - 'Selfish, Finally' made me realise exactly what it is I need to be now. In it she writes re her sudden realisation of 'the reason I am not in a relationship is because none of them have been good enough for me yet... I always thought it was me. My “fault".' And that sums up my attitude perfectly.

She talks about no longer being willing to mould herself into someone that need change just so as to please another person. She talks about only being willing to risk the lifestyle she is so contented with for the one who 'fits properly', for the one who is willing to meet her the 'whole way' as opposed to only half. 

I'm no saint, but I do have a tendency to be willing to fit in around someone when I'm in a relationship - to want spoil them, to look after them... And though in general I believe this to be a positive quality, I have known for some time that I really do need to start thinking more about myself in these situations. To be more selfish, will, ultimately I believe - help me to be stronger, to be less willing to compromise and most importantly - to be less likely to suffer the same hurt again.

I'm trying.

Sarah x

I wanted to talk about three new additions to my skincare schedule today - all of which I have been testing out for a good month now and which have earned a permanent place in my routine.

After running out of my beloved Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel, I decided to pick up the new Sunday Riley Blue Moon Tranquility Cleansing Balm after hearing a few good things. Must admit, I had been drawn in mainly by the fact that it smells like chocolate, and the thought of slathering that all over my face did somewhat appeal. At the same time though, it really is a lovely product and does a great job of removing every last trace of make up whilst remaining nourishing at the same time. I was expecting the consistency to be similar to that of my all time favourite balm - the Emma Hardie Moringa Cleanser, however, it is much harder and requires a lot more working into the skin. Overall though - a winner in my book.

Staying with Sunday Riley - Good Genes has without a doubt become my staple serum of choice of late and the fact that it also doubles up as a mask just adds to all it's plus points. It claims to help combat the appearance of fine lines, hyper pigmentation and boost circulation - and though I'm not sure about the fine lines - my skin does without doubt feel significantly smoother and perfectly plumped the morning after application. If it's a healthy glow you're after then this is definitely worth trying out.

Pick of the bunch though, would have to be Ole Henriksen's Sheer Transformation Moisturiser. I first saw this mentioned by Mary who made reference to the fact that it was a great moisturiser for those of us with skin on the slightly oilier side. Of course this had me sold straight away and I went out the very next day with the intention of getting my hands on it. This stuff is perfect for if you're after something lightweight yet nutritious underneath make up, that sinks in beautifully leaving an almost matte finish and that smells incredible (I don't know if it's just the liquorice, but I want to eat it!). I've even taken to using it in the evenings as if you've already used an oil/serum underneath, this stops your skin from feeling too overloaded. Amazing stuff!

Have you tried any of these three? What were your thoughts?

Sarah x

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that if you have read Austen’s Pride and Prejudice (and particularly if you have watched the BBC Firth starring adaptation), that every woman wants a Darcy. Bingley is cute and all, but when push comes to shove – where was the fight when he was torn apart from his apparent ‘beloved’ Jane? Where was the declaration of admiration? Nope, no one wants a Bingley.

However, having had this conversation with my friends a few times lately, we have come to the conclusion that unfortunately a lot of the time, that is exactly what most of us end up with.

Personally, I think it’s because many women (myself included and as much as it pains me to say it) – resemble more accurately, Jane herself – mild mannered, easy to please, enamoured with the notion of fairytale romance and spending their lives with that one ‘special’ person. When they find this apparent ‘one’, who, more often than not is simply the first person willing to settle down and entertain this notion, then they think that’s it – deal done – signed, sealed and delivered.

And that’s where the wheat gets separated from the chaff in this case. If you really want a Darcy, you need to want that tempestuous relationship. You need to want that ‘I’ll spend all day ignoring you but then kiss you so hard when we get home tonight’ type scenario – and by wanting that, that is where you transition to becoming the leading lady herself.

Now I’m not saying that ending up with a Bingley is necessarily a bad thing – they’re kind, considerate, caring – you know you can depend on them, indeed there’s nothing to say that the love you feel for a Bingley and the love you get from one isn’t just as strong as that where a Darcy is concerned. In truth, its ability to withstand the test of time, may in fact be even stronger.

Me? As tempting as it is to go for that 'dependable', 'Don't you worry, I'll provide whatever it is you need', 'English breakfast tea - milk and two sugars' kinda man, I just can't being myself to do it. I've been presented with the chance to on more than one occasion recently, but no. Somewhere deep inside me is a little Lizzy - a little flame that burns that means I want the downs along with the ups - the downs that make the highs euphoric. I want intoxication. And that, is why I am willing to wait. That my friends, if you really want a Darcy, is why I would advise you to be less 'Lydia' and to do the same.

Sarah x

The last couple of months have been - for lack of a better word – shit. And though the struggle continues, the last few days have definitely seen a corner turned. I no longer want to cry and hide under a blanket when I think of all the crap I’ve had to deal with – instead, I want to scream, punch something/one and listen to a hell of a lot of heavy metal :’) ( you’ll be glad to know it’s only the latter that I have actually taken any action regarding). Anger feels better than sadness, that much I can tell you.

And how did I get here, I hear you ask – well, in short, the answer would have to be – other women. I’ve never been the biggest advocate of the whole ‘sisterhood’ thing, in fact, the vast majority of my friends back in school and at uni were guys – I could never be bothered with the ‘bitchiness’ being friends with a bunch of girls seemed to bring with it.

I’ve always had my best friend Steph – who, through all the ups and downs has always been there for me and I’d like to think I have been for her too. We don’t see each other that often, but we talk (often non-stop) pretty much every day and if there was ever a time that I needed her, I know she would be there in the blink of an eye. And then there are the other two wonderful women in my life – Laura and Colle. Without them I feel like I may well have lost faith in the whole of humanity by now – and for their wise words, their ability to act as agony aunts 24/7 – to laugh, cry and spew uncontrollable venom over a glass of cheap rose I will be forever grateful. I love all these girls dearly.

What I have also learnt lately though,  is that not only can I find strength in talking to my ‘real life’ girlfriends, I can also find it online – by reading some of the inspirational content women on the web put out there now. It makes you feel less alone, less scared of what the future may hold – it gives you faith seeing other people getting through the same thing that you are dealing with and coming out stronger on the other side. Not just stronger – better people, more confident people – in love with themselves. I’ve known for a long time, what a supportive place the blogging community is, but it’s not until you put this to the test that it really hits home what a saviour it can be for women like me.

From speaking with other people lately, I know that often they feel the same way I do about not being able to think positively, about not being able to picture a future without spiralling into some sort of panic re needing to find the perfect job, the perfect partner, the perfect home… the list goes on - all by the time they’ve reached the grand old age of 25. And so I thought I would share with you all on here today, some of the ladies who (despite not knowing it) have helped to get me through some of the most difficult times I’ve had to face. Who have, in turn, helped me to believe that there really is light at the end of the tunnel.

Megs, Laura and Katy have, not only in the last few months but prior to this as I have been reading their blogs/following their online presence for some time now, managed to make me feel hopeful – managed to make me feel as though it’s worth persevering because better things are on the horizon. I don’t want to recount their own stories, but I would urge you to go and read them for yourselves if it’s some inspiration you’re after. They truly are incredible girls who despite suffering the same heartbreak and set backs, have managed to remain dignified, shine throughout and turn their ‘situations’ into reasons to re-invent – to thrive and not to throw the towel in.

It’s made me realise – this whole ‘soulmate’ thing – maybe there is more too it… maybe you can have more than one and maybe they’re not always who you expect. Maybe they’re the ones that stand tall with you, that never dessert you. Just maybe they're the ones you cry to, never over.

Sarah x

If you haven’t read this post from November, then what I am about to write might make more sense if you do. It’s a retraction – a public statement if you will – about how in my confusion and upset I got things so wrong. About how, in wanting to defend someone, something that I had thought was real – I only managed to make excuses for them when in fact there really weren’t any to make.

They say there is a fine line between love and hate, but I don’t buy that. They say that the opposite of love is indifference – and though in time I undoubtedly expect that to become the case – for now, I feel nothing but loathing towards you – at the way you chose to make me feel, the way you continue to make me feel – time and time again. No apologies, no concern regarding what you’ve done, despite already knowing the agonising hurt I’ve gone through in the past. You sought me out for whatever reason; you initiated all of this despite having being knocked back before, despite having been given the chance to opt out previously. You let me fall first… and now you play the innocent.

Before there was the excuse of youth but now there are no excuses. I’m not the only victim to your selfish ways – there are many - and though I don’t intend to divulge the details of every hurtful act you’ve ever perpetrated against each individual (my intention here isn’t to ‘expose’ you – though there would be a very long list), suffice to say, none of them were justifiable. You pretend that you recognise this fact, but I don’t think you do – you’re too wrapped up in thinking about yourself to – otherwise why else continue to behave like it?

You want to know the ways you’ve left me feeling? Fine; naïve, stupid, foolish, worthless – but to name a few. Average, lied to, duped to name some more. Ultimately – no longer ‘special’ just ‘insignificant’. And I hate you for it, I really do. I hate the fact that you seemingly welcomed me into your wonderful family, that I grew to cherish each and every one of them and to think of them as my own – the fact that I miss them.  I hate the fact that you promised me so much and yet now you deny to people that you ever did. But most of all, I hate the fact that you think it’s all ok.

I have no doubt, that when others see you smirk and joke around, when they hear you brag about your latest ‘conquest’, all they think is ‘Wheyyyy, he’s such a lad’ –  and you are, you are such a lad. Such a lad that gets the whole room laughing, the kind whose bravado never stops, the sort who comes across as the ultimate ‘Mr Happy Go Lucky’. But let’s not fool ourselves – you’re not always happy, and you’re also ‘such a lad’ that treats women – that lies, that cheats, that manipulates, that doesn’t give a second thought to other peoples feelings, that never fights, that only ever gives in – you really are this ‘lad’ – a coward. I thought you’d stepped up for me – you said you had, but it was just another lie.

I may be weak for loving people too much, for thinking I can depend on them, but my God would I prefer to be this way than to be so cold, so heartless so as to not even be able to recognise what love is. To not be able to give myself fully to someone – to let them in, to have to constantly wear a mask. Don’t ever think that the fact I am able to display my emotions makes me weak. Don’t ever think that there is anything I won’t go through and come out stronger on the other side. This pain I’ve felt – this anguish, this betrayal – will only serve now to make me fight even harder, to succeed further, to live a long and happy life with the people I love without the need to hide anything from them.

You however - whether it be in five months or five years time from now -  the novelty will eventually wear off once again and you will wake up one day and realise. You’ll realise that the only person who truly knew the real you, the only one who knew all the sordid details, and who had been willing to accept you despite them, is gone – for good.  You’ll never come back, you’ll never apologise, because again – you won’t have the guts to. But believe me - that feeling, that feeling of knowing will forever haunt you in between the moments of elation and distraction. The only difference this time, is that you’ll just have to live with it.

Well, I’m finally here – sat as we speak, in Liverpool – in my little flat having unpacked nothing but my iMac, mattress and a bottle of fizz to celebrate. It’s been a whirlwind week and I still can’t quite believe that I’ve managed it. A big change was needed though (a big kick up the arse if you will) and you don’t get much bigger than up and leaving your little village in return for a riverside apartment in the big city (not so big – but we’ll go with it). Apparently I don’t do things by halves. Granted, I’m already familiar with the place having spent three years here before – but somehow this feels different. I’m doing this on my own now – no flatmates, no student loans – just me.

If you read Monday’s post you’ll already know that I had a bit of a nerve wracking start to the week, which I won’t go into again, but which I am now really proud of myself for having gone through with. We all have to start somewhere. Of course on Monday, the de-brief was required, so I met with Laura and we frequented what is supposedly the place to go if it’s a good Indian you’re after – Mowgli (on Bold Street). It’s basically Spanish meets Indian with the tapas element coming into play and getting to try a little taster of all your favourite dishes. If you’re a fan of spice and  a bit of a picker, then you’re definitely in for a treat. Personal recommendations = the goan fish curry and the fenugreek kissed fries.

The rest of the week has been spent rather hectically, trying to manoeuvre furniture up, down and around stairs, into lifts; you name it… along with attempting to handle work at the same time. I’ve been sticking to my resolve to do more yoga, and having left what was  my local gym, have now enrolled in a Wednesday evening Pilates class straight after work – this way I have no excuses!

So after all that, in truth I’m now feeling pretty knackered out. That hasn’t stopped us from downing a glass or two today in celebration though and tonight calls for karaoke, tequila (apparently – not my choice) and a whole heap of questionable dance moves.

May the good times begin (again – it’s a Swifty reference – Google it!)

Sarah x

I always struggle when it comes to finding ‘nudes’ that I can pull of in lipstick form. A pale complexion normally means that I just end up looking washed out and like I should be performing as an extra in the cast of Les Mis. Plus, now that the colder weather has hit, the ability to wear these shades without them also highlighting the chapped, flaky lips I quite often find myself suffering with becomes even trickier. And so, rather than trying to persist, lately I have taken a different approach – sticking with the bolder colours I enjoy wearing and know suit me, but searching for these in a sheerer formula and with the added benefit of working as a balm - so as not to offend the eyes of those I work with! And, after much experimenting, I managed to unearth two treasures in particular that I felt I wanted to share.

1. Aerin’s Rose Balm Lipstick in – 04 Coral Sands – which, in the bullet looks a rather vibrant shade of coral as the name would suggest, but on the lips simply adds a subtle peachy tint. I saw Alix from I Covet Thee wearing this and just knew I had to have it.  It’s perfect to keep handy on your desk both due to the minimal effort required when reapplying and for the moisturising qualities it has in keeping your lips looking plump and juicy all day long. Plus - add a smoked out taupey eye in the evening and you’re taken from board meeting to date night in an instant.
2. Marc Jacobs New Nudes Sheer Lip Gel in – Understudy. More of a muted rose colour is how I would describe this, but with an equally comfortable formula on the lips which stays put and which personally I think is a little more day to day appropriate especially if you work in more of a corporate environment like I do. This sort of nude – a little more on the brown side rather than pink, really is ‘my colour’ – flattering yet non offensive and if it’s a pretty pout you’re after then I fail to see how many people could go wrong with this one. The packaging is beautiful too with a real retro feel, making it the perfect gift for any lipstick lovers out there.

Does anyone else find it hard to carry off paler lips? If you’ve any tips on what shades to pick up or how to do so, I’d be all ears!

Sarah x

Sometimes you have to push past the things that scare you most in order to acknowledge your own value - to allow you to expect nothing less from the people you surround yourself with.

This is something that personally, I find incredibly difficult to master, and know I have a tendency to do myself down sometimes without even realising it. I get scared of whether I will live up to people’s expectations, and as a result, I end up holding back and don’t give myself the opportunities that perhaps I deserve. And, what makes matters worse is - I know I’m not the only one. So many close friends of mine do the same thing. One of my closest girlfriends did in fact go as far as to say the other day when I suggested that her current ‘beau’ didn’t know a good thing when it was stood in front of him,  that maybe she wasn’t this ‘good thing’ I was referring to! Ladies and gentlemen - please! Don’t buy into all that – you’re all amazing and if someone is too blind to see that then more fool them. One day they’ll wake up and realise exactly what a chump they’ve really been and that they’ve wasted their opportunity.*

Last night I went out on a ‘date’ – the first real ‘date’ I’ve ever been on in my life and my God was it terrifying. I didn’t even want to go – I was pretty sure I wasn’t mentally ready for it, but then again, ‘what’s the worst that could happen?’ I told myself.  I can’t hang around forever for something that isn’t interested in ever coming back as much as it’s tempting  to, and like I’ve let myself do so often in the past. No I thought, I need to do this.

On paper this guy was lovely – smart,
 successful, far from unattractive, beer man not a wine buff (added bonus points). What more could a woman ask for (a lot more I’m sure, but for me that’s more than enough, in fact, the latter alone would probably have sufficed)?

Now before we go any further, it’s important to note that in this case my first instincts were almost certainly correct.  How do I know this? Well – because when that so often sought after lean in for the goodnight kiss arrived, those butterflies just weren’t there. Nope, it just wasn’t happening. And normally, that fact alone would have me running for the hills. But no, I thought – I’ve put myself out here, I’m giving myself a chance and I shouldn’t feel bad about that. My worst fears weren’t confirmed, in fact it was quite the opposite and if anything I might’ve found myself a new friend in the process and that’s nothing to get upset over.

I’m not one for new year’s resolutions and I haven’t gone in for all that this year either, but one thing I have promised myself is that I won’t give up on anything before I’ve even given it a try. You have to give things a chance – people yes, but also opportunities – don’t hold off on doing what you’ve always wanted to do for fear of embarrassment or rejection. Don’t wait until you’ve lost that extra 5lbs or until that job pops up again and you’ve got a little more experience – go for it now! Time waits for no one and if someone isn’t willing to accept you the way you are then screw them. We are our own biggest critics as it is, and so allowing anyone else into our lives that are willing to criticise the way we live them is the biggest mistake we can make.

Be bold, take chances, don’t hold off on telling people how you feel, because if you don’t take a risk, one day you’re going to end up losing out on what would have been the best thing to ever happen to you.

Sarah x
*LD – 30/01/15

This week has flown by - granted, I'm posting a day earlier than normal just to take advantage of the 'it's a whole new year' thing.

Unluckily for me, I had to spend 2 1/2 days in work seeing to the usual 'year end' stuff that needed taking care of. Then in between I spent the majority of my time packing boxes, constructing the perfect coffee table terrarium, cuddling puppies and taking long hot soaks in order to use up the rest of my festive Lush assortment.

There have been moments this week where I have felt like I have turned a corner, though it has still been a bit of an up and down one. There comes a point when you just have to push yourself to think past things - your feelings may not change, but your outlook has to. I have a tendency to go into my shell when something happens to really knock my confidence, but this time I am making more of an effort than ever to throw myself into things - spending time with friends, starting new hobbies, putting myself out there to meet people - and moving to the city in order to help make achieving all this that bit easier. To start off with, part of me knew that I was doing all these things to try and help me get what I wanted, but now I know that they are just something I need to do for myself regardless.

I knew NYE would be a hard one - spending it with girlfriends - drinking tea, eating tapas and having one almighty heart-to-heart helped ease the waves of unease though. As did my little fish (who I've decided to call Fin), from Laura. She knows things haven't been easy of late - 'just keep swimmin' she said - and that is what I intend to do :)

It's a big wide world out there, and there are plenty of people that want to help you explore it.

Sarah x

I've been wearing the same blush for the past three months now - stuck in a make-up rut so to speak. And so, a couple of weeks back, I nipped into Space NK for a splurge and also went a bit mad by placing my first Sephora order online.

The first thing I picked up was one of the Tarte 24hr Amazonian Clay blushes in the shade 'Exposed' - a cult favourite. It's a lovely dusky mauve and works well as a contour on my pale complexion as well as adding a flush of colour to the cheeks. It's staying power is pretty impressive as the name would suggest as well - managing to stick around throughout the 14 hour days at the office I am currently faced with.

At the same time, I also nabbed the Becca x Jaclyn Hill 'Champagne Pop' shimmering skin perfector that everyone and their dog has been harping on about. I can see why though - so long as you're not afraid of a bit of sparkle, then it's beautiful. A little goes a long way in giving you the glistening cheekbones you're after!

And finally - the 'must-have' addition on everyone's make-up menu this year - the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit palette. I had tried their blushes before and am already a big fan, so now I am looking forward to trying the ambient lighting powders and the bronzer alongside as I have heard a lot of good things. It's a little pricey for the size IMO, but the quality of the products no doubt makes it worth it and also means it is easier to cart around if you want to use it on the go.

What are your current faves when it comes to adding a little rosy glow?

Sarah x