The Weekly Edit #3

26 December 2015

It's been a quiet week all in all - thanks primarily to my expert present buying skills meaning I was all set weeks ago without the need for any last minute dashing around.

One of the most exciting parts (sad as it sounds), was finally finding the 'perfect' sofa for my flat - available here if you fancy a gander. It really feels as though things are starting to come together now ready for the move - how do I know this? Because I'm starting to get nervous about the fact that I have a mountain of things to pack and very little time inside which to do so. 

I was one of the unlucky souls that spent up until 1pm Christmas Eve sat behind my work desk, dealing with the the ins and outs of the new Mortgage Credit Directive as opposed to drinking eggnog and eating mountains of mince pies. The evening however, was spent catching up with friends and overdoing it on amaretto and cokes. A splendid way to start off my four day weekend...

And then there was Christmas Day itself, which, if you've read my previous two posts, you will already know was a pretty quiet affair. Mum cooked a beautiful dinner which my Sister and her boyfriend joined us for. We opened gifts and then went for a long wander up the mountain with the labs, followed by an evening of wine, cheese and pjs on the sofa. 

If I'm being totally honest though, despite joining in with all the merriment - today's toasts, charades, copious amounts of trifle - underneath it all there was a melancholy feeling that I couldn't quite shake. It felt like a little part of me was missing. No one to entertain my Uncles with tales of Beatles trivia, no one to pitch in and stir up a bit of controversy during the debate re the Syrian refugee crisis that had just kicked off around the dining table.

Even whilst I'm sat here writing this, I'm hoping something will change. I know there's nothing I can do though. It's something that is out of my hands. Keep on working hard, keep on working on myself, is, I guess, all I can do. Continuing to have fun and to take advantage of any opportunities that present themself. 

Roll on New Year's Eve, house parties and rudimentary cocktails. 

Sarah x


  1. Sounds like you've had a lovely week chick mine has been a little more hectic than yours!
    Coleoftheball xx

  2. Love these types of posts! The fireplace looks so lovely! Hope you have a wonderful new years!