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16 December 2015

It's official - come January 8th 2016 Apartment 228 will be mine I shall be sat on a new sofa, toasting a new year and, fingers crossed - a whole load of new opportunities.

In order to take my mind off something, I always need a longer term project to focus on in which to really invest my full attention. Once I figure out what that project is, then I find it much easier to be able to apply any nervous energy I might have, to think positively and to look forward as opposed to just remaining stagnant.

Lately this new project has involved the new place – sorting out the particulars, and, my favourite part – ensuring I have everything I need to spruce it up and give it that ‘Sarah’ vibe. I’ve taken comfort in the fact that I will no longer have to endure 5am starts, 2 1/2 hour commutes and rush hour train rides. Instead looking forward to girls nights, lie ins and works socials without the prospect of needing to make a hasty escape before 9.30 when the last train home departs.

The thought of having something – a little space to call my own – makes me feel that bit more self sufficient – like whatever happens, I’ll always have a place to retire to at the end of the day where if I want peace I can have it – if I want friends round to witter away the evening over of  a glass of pinot and a greasy takeaway then that’s fine too.

The enthusiasm when it comes to décor has already taken hold – in fact, as we speak I am perusing the White Company website in an attempt to pick out the perfect bathroom candle scent (yes I am aware of how crazy that sounds, but it’s all in the detail!).

Being an ‘independent woman’ as much as I dislike the phrase, has always been part of my ethos – I’ve always earned my own money, never expected anyone else to provide for me. But now more than ever, for obvious reasons – I feel like I want to make it clear to anyone out there who might have been feeling the same way I have, that you don’t need anyone else to go out and achieve what it is you want - you don’t need to hang around until that person arrives. It might be nice to share the excitement, but your soul doesn’t depend on it – in fact, the joy of knowing you are able to do it all on your own  involves a much deeper sense of satisfaction.

Sarah x

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