Making Time For

23 November 2015

In my last post I mentioned that I had been watching Estee's #ForeverNovember uploads throughout this month, and, in amongst the usual daily vlogs and beauty bits there was one that grabbed my attention  - her 'Making Time For' video really got me thinking...

Something I know I fail royally at on a regular basis, is actually putting plans into action. And so, I thought I would adopt the same approach and make a promise to myself to get stuck in with the following - things I have been aspiring to take part and get involved in for a really long time. No more excuses.

1. Work hard. Play hard

For as long as I can remember (especially post uni days), I have been one of those people who, when 5pm arrives and the working day ends - cannot wait to get home, slip into my slacks and spend the evening doing nothing but chilling on the sofa. Now, there's nothing wrong  with doing that every now and again, but I've decided I need to spend a little less time dreaming about what I plan to do -what events I  'might' attend if I 'have time' - and lot more time actually doing them - getting out there, meeting new people and not sitting back waiting for things to happen. Though the thought of having to make the effort to drag myself out for a few drinks after work often ends up filling me with dread - by the time I've got that third whiskey sour down me I'm having a cracking time and so I need to push past the initial inclination to dodge. Note to self - socialise Sarah, don't limit yourself!

2. Diarise

I'm talking appointments (already given the daily journal thing a go, and as much as I liked the idea, it just wasn't for me). What I think I would be capable of with a little effort though, is recording any upcoming deadlines/meetings/events that I have on the horizon. Also hoping that by writing these down this may help with number one on the list and that I will eventually become one of those women who has their monthly nails/brow/hair appointments penciled in - you know the ones a lot of us secretly aspire to be? Even went so far as to purchase a couple of those super swish metallic gel pens from Paperchase to aid me today so there are no grounds for a cop-out!

3. Yoga

Ok, ok I know - how cliche can you get? But I've heard it's good for a wounded heart and I'm a big fan of wacky patterned leggings, what can I say. Plus, it's not too vigorous and as I'm no gym bunny I'm hoping it will be a gentle way to ease myself into more regular exercise. For the last couple of weeks I've attended a class at my local gym and in between I've been following this little routine in the mornings to try and get a bit of 'healing' on the go.

4. Blogging 

You'll know if you've been a long time follower around these parts, that my posts tend to be a bit sporadic - partly due to work commitments, but also because when any sort of 'big change' takes place in terms of my routine, I tend to get a bit seriously lazy. Each time I start writing again, I realise what a huge outlet it is for me and how much I enjoy putting content out there, interacting with others and getting people's feedback. In truth, this little corner of the web has been quite the saviour for me on a number of occasions and so from now on, even if it is just once a week, I plan on getting something up here.

Fingers crossed that now these little 'resolutions' are out there for all to see, that I can succeed at conquering them and making them part of my routine on a permanent basis! :)

What is it you feel like you'd like to make more time for?

Sarah x

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  1. I've always wanted to get into yoga but also found it quite boring rather than therapeutic. I hope you enjoy it, I can never find a group near me that I can get to (uni takes up way too much time haha!) I hope these help you! I need to make some resolutions up for January!
    Shona x