Estee Lauder Global Anti-aging Eye Balm

24 November 2015

Since discovering the world of beauty blogging, skincare is something that has really got me hooked. One thing I haven't managed to quite crack though, in amongst what are now many 'holy grail' items, is eye care. I've been a floozy and have flitted and flounced between products in an attempt to find the perfect thing but nothing has ever wowed me enough to want to stick with it. Until now that is - step forward Estee Lauder's Global Anti-aging Eye Balm.

Now normally the 'Anti-aging' element and such a clearly ridiculous name would put me off a little - however, the mention of a 'balm' as opposed to a 'cream' and the fact the Anna had already really bigged this up had me intrigued. I quite often find that my eye area doesn't react too well to anything that is too rich and that it can even have a tendency to increase puffiness as opposed to taking it away! The ever raved about Kiehl's Creamy Avocado Eye Treatment is one of the main offenders. And, although when I use something lighter - one of my other favourites being the Origins Eye Doctor, this just doesn't seem to provide the same benefits as something a more substantial would. Hence I purchased this hoping that it would provide the perfect balance.

In terms of consistency, it wasn't quite what I was expecting, which I must admit, did put me off a little at first. Once applied though, it glided on and sank in beautifully with what I would describe as being slightly more of a gel like texture than a balm. My skin felt silky and hydrated without being sticky, which is exactly what I was hoping for. 

I think eye products are something it is particularly hard to tell a difference with over the short-medium term - especially where any signs of aging are concerned as these are something that only time will tell with in terms of delivering results. However, the slightly dry/flaky inner corners that I suffer with in this colder weather seem to have disappeared and I certainly haven't been experiencing any of the irritation that I would normally with something more nourishing like this. Added to that, I am also a big fan of the fact that it is fragrance free as anything too heavily scented when slathered on such a delicate area, never bodes well in my experience at least. 

All in all I am thoroughly impressed and am also starting to realise that perhaps investing in a few more bits geared towards 'anti-aging' may not be such a bad idea. After all, the big three-zero is not too far away and you can never start too early with this kind of thing - right? Definitely one to add to the Christmas gift/wish list for any skincare addicts/Mums/Aunties/Sisters/Grannies that like to dabble - I mean apart from the product itself, does the glitzy gold packaging alone not just do it for you?

Sarah x

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