Brand Focus: By Terry

28 November 2015

By Terry has always been one of those high end brands that, although I hear a lot of good things about - there seems to be so much to choose from that I often get a bit overwhelmed re what to pick up and spend my hard earned pennies on.

When I saw Tanya wearing the Ombre Blackstar in Misty Rock, like so many people I immediately felt I had to have it and I wasn't disappointed. Apart from the really unique shade - it's almost mauve but with a subtle hint of pink, strewn with tiny silver flecks - the staying power is amazing (even with my oily lids) and the blendability brilliant. Its one of those shadows where all you need is a quick swipe and you're done - the 'I've made so much effort without making any effort' look in stick form.

Same goes for the other shade I decided to invest in - Bronze Moon - a shimmery, warm brown that's super wearable and that can be built up to create the perfect smokey eye for the upcoming festive season. So now all that's left to do is to choose what colour to add next to my collection!

The Terribly Densiliss foundation is without a doubt the priciest base I have ever purchased. I'd heard a few good things floating around the blogosphere and was really intrigued by the whole 'foundation but with the benefits of skincare' talk (it claims to actively firm, tone and plump up the skin). However, it was only when I heard Estee talking about it, saying that it was the first foundation she had tried that hadn't worn off and flaked throughout the day that I felt the need to test this for myself. It didn't let me down. 04 - Natural Beige was the perfect match for me and after a full 14 hours wear in the office, it was still going strong. Despite being pretty full coverage, it feels lightweight on the skin and doesn't leave it feeling suffocated - a definite fave.

And finally, the cult product amongst my picks - Baume de Rose. Just a lip balm right? And one with a hefty price tag at that... Well, admittedly, this isn't an essential but if you want a little bit of luxury then this is where it's at. Feels incredible with more of a gel like texture than the balm I was expecting, smells amazing (especially if you're a rose fan), and does a great job at fending off those pesky dry winter lips whilst adding a hint of sheen.

I'd be really interested to know what other By Terry products people have tried and would recommend. What do I need to add to my wishlist?

Sarah x 


  1. I love those swipe-and-go type products that instantly give you that made up look without much effort.The Ombre Blackstar eyeshadows look so luxurious, and I really like the sound of Bronze Moon. Definitely a shade I would get a lot of use out of. I've added it to my wishlist - thanks! x

    Hilary | The Beauty Collective

  2. I'm completely in love with Misty Rock, I tried so hard to resist but it's so stunning. It's one of those eyeshadows you can wear alone and it looks like you've blended a tonne of shades together. I have a mini of the Baume De Rose but it just doesn't compare to my Nuxe lip balm :)
    xxx Claire