6 Instant Pick Me Ups

22 November 2015

Came across this little 'gif'' when I was surfing through Tumblr the other day and it made me smile. Despite having felt a bit down in the dumps lately, I knew that by following it's advice, everything would seem that little bit better. And so, on my lunch break this week, I gathered the necessary components and looked forward to an evening of 'me' time. If you're after a bit of a pick me up yourself, then I would thoroughly recommend you try these tips;

1. Enjoy a nice beverage - Won't lie, most evenings I've been indulging in a hot chocolate with all the trimmings. In light of my recent pledge to switch things up and try to become a little healthier though (post to come soon), the last few days I've swapped this for a Twining's gingerbread and green tea - still with that sweet hit but without the calories.

2. Read a good book -  Caitlin Moran's 'How to be a Woman' has been on my list for a while now. I read somewhere that if you're a woman it will remind you how awesome you are - how you should stop worrying about silly things like getting married by the time you are X years old, having children, being thin and wearing make up. Hence, with current mood acting as a great enabler, I thought YES! What could be better? Searched high and low in Waterstones until I went to leave and there it was - one stray copy at the front of the store - could it be fate? 

3. Watch some silly videos - First off, shout out to all my friends who are currently bombarding me with hilarious/cute gifs/pics/vids of skateboarding bulldogs/trampolining ponies and the like. They are much appreciated! As well as these, I've also been catching up on blogs/vlogs from some of the ladies I find most inspiring on the interwebz. Estee, Victoria - who's smile I find infectious, and the wonderful Fleur but to name a few.

4. Take a warm bath - No one has ever needed to persuade me to do this. It's my nightly ritual after a 14 hour day as it is. However, throw in the added luxury cliche of a Lush bath bomb and voila! Other optional extras to add into the mix include scented candle/the cosiest pyjamas you can get your mits on.

5. Make something - Yet to accomplish this, though I guess blogging might count if we're just talking getting creative? Either way, my friend Laura has inspired me lately with the confectionery masterpieces that she has been creating and so I've dug out some of my favourite recipe books in the hope that I can hone my domestic goddess skills. We're also hoping to visit the Chatsworth Christmas Market next weekend and so getting crafty will no doubt play a part in the fun and festivities.

6. Hug someone - Though I have a couple of 'someones' I could hug, most of the time I like to stick to cuddling my two Labradors - is there really anything more therapeutic than a fluffy friend? 

P.S. If all else fails and none of the above seem to be the mood enhancer you were hoping for, I can confirm that a good dose of retail therapy along with several boozy beverages and a best mate to rant to, will also work wonders!

Sarah x


  1. Making something, especially baking always makes me feel better x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness x

  2. Excellent advice! I agree - particularly that part about booze and best friends xx