Neal's Yard - The Relaxing Duo

9 October 2014

Whilst having a little mooch around the John Lewis beauty section a few weeks ago, I came across the Neal's Yard Remedies stand. I had previously read a post on Estee's blog about how Caroline Hirons had recommended she try the Wild Rose Beauty Balm, and if you know me you'll know that I am almost guaranteed to give anything a go that Caroline talks up.

Sucked in by the beautiful packaging in aid of the product's 10th Anniversary, I took the plunge (wincing a little at the £37 price tag I must admit) and have not looked back since. When it comes to cleansers (especially in the evening), a good balm is always the first thing I reach for - I really feel like they give a good deep cleanse without stripping the skin, and this one in particular is a delight to use.

It's ingredients amongst other things contain - rosehip oil, frankincense, shea butter and geranium. The 'Wild Rose' scent is absolutely divine and along with the product I am about to rave about in a second, this really helps me to unwind and relax before bedtime.

After completing my skincare 'operation' (the time it takes me really does warrant this description), I then move on to what is without doubt my favourite part of the evening routine I have going on most nights - the bath.

Having already tried the much talked about Therapie Himalayan Detox Salts (lovely, but a little pricey even for my expensive tastes), I wanted something that did the same job but that was a bit more affordable. If I remember rightly, I think I saw Lily talking about these Lavender Bath Salts in one of her videos, and as I had already at this stage developed a love for the cleansing balm I thought I would give them a go.

The first thing that needs stating rather speaks for itself, which is that if you're not a big fan of the Lavender scent then these won't be for you. Luckily however, I am and I fell in love immediately. You get a very generous 500g worth of product for the £15.50 that you pay and they lasted me ages despite my being pretty liberal with the sprinklings I used. Like I say, these combined with the Wild Rose Cleansing Balm, a good book and a night time tea make the perfect combination ensuring a good night's sleep.

Neal's Yard really is a brand that I am excited to explore further (not least because I really appreciate the 99% organic ingredients/cruelty free commitment promise that they stick to) and so if anyone has any more product recommendations please do feel free to share them with me!

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  1. Sleep is a real issue for me at times, those bath salts sound great! I'll have to have a look at those as for some reason I really thought they would be more expensive than that.
    Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing