Dressing for Autumn/Winter

8 October 2014

I'm no super stylish fashion blogger and I don't pretend to be. Outfit posts certainly aren't my forte and the amount of time and effort it takes me just to get one half decent full length shot is ridiculous. I take my hat off to those of you who manage to do so so brilliantly.

What I do love though, is dressing to suit my shape and size, and, where I can, incorporating some of the latest 'trends' within my wardrobe. The real key for me though is comfort, and that my friends, is why I love the Autumn/Winter season so much.

I could waffle on for ages about why it is that this time of year holds such a special place in my heart when it comes to dressing, but instead, I thought I would just reel off a list. So here are ten reasons why...

1.  Tights - I love skirts/dresses, I'm not so keen on my legs. So when I can combine covering them up with wearing a floaty little number over the top, I'm happy. And this brings me nicely on to...

2.  Layering - I admit it, I'm a 90 year old trapped in the body of a girl who is 26. Cardigans are my best friend.

3.  Scarves - Ask anyone who knows me, I have amassed quite the collection over the years. It's a bit of a problem.

4.  Fake tan - Be gone! I can embrace my paleness without having to expose my limbs and blind people in the process.

5.  'The Winter Coat' - Please tell me I'm not the only one who has to embark upon that all important mission each year in order to find this? The essential (yet often elusive), item in any winter wardrobe.

6.  Party Season - The one time of year when a little bit of glitz and glam (or an abundance of glitter, depending on what takes your fancy), is wholly acceptable.

7.  It's ok to be a 'Goth' - I kid. But seriously there's nothing I love more than a vampy red lip and a smoky eye.

8.  Boots - And more specifically, the dreaded 'Ugg' boot. We all know they're ugly but warmth and comfort outweigh the need to look chic and sophisticated during the colder months.

9.  Pyjamas - Sorry what? These don't count as being a 'fashion item'? Well apologies, but when 5pm comes and it's dark outside, as far as I'm concerned they are entirely appropriate attire in which to greet any guests you may have in.

10.  Wooly jumpers - Coal fire, hot chocolate, roasting/itching yourself to death in a jumper covered in the gaudiest print you have ever laid eyes on. What could be better?

Have I missed anything out here fellow Autumn/Winter lovers? 


  1. Lovely outfit and post!! I look forward to embracing my paleness, as well haha :)


  2. Pyjamas definitely count! I live in mine haha. I love layering too.

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