A Mermaid Manicure

22 October 2014

Ever since my Disney days I've always had a bit of a penchant for anything turquoise, sequinned and sparkly that is likely to make me look more Ariel-esque. In fact, at one point I even went to the effort of stitching together my own tail and carving out a cardboard shell (don't ask).

Needless to say, that little attempt didn't work out too well. However, this time I think I may have cracked 'casual aquatic' (blatantly a trend that will never actually catch on) without taking things quite so far. Less statement, more chic - Jessica's Iridescent Eye and Sally Hansen's Mermaid's Tale make the perfect team when it comes adding a bit of sparkle and shimmer. My favourite way to team the two of late has been in the evening, with a little black dress and red lip - just something a little different to the standard deep red/berry tones that get flung about a lot at this time of year.

What are some of your favourite 'jazzier' nail polish combinations?


  1. I'm definitely a fan of the berry and red tones! I love pairing Chanel Malice with Essie as Gold as it Gets. The perfect combo!

    Love this though, have a similar Jessica polish so will have to try it out.


  2. I got really into darker berry shades, just love them on my nails during the colder months! Seche topcoat is just amazing! x