A 'Greige' Love Affair

16 October 2014

This all began when I spied the Grey Heidi Satchel on the Whistles website. For so long I lusted over it's loveliness, and then when it finally did go on sale I missed the boat and failed in my quest to become the proud owner of one.

So heartbroken was I, that since then I have made it my mission to own every single grey-ish-beige-ish, beautiful bit of neutralness that I have come across, and I must say, I think I'm doing a pretty good job of it so far.

My favourite purchase has to be my Kate Spade 'Cedar Street Small Stacy' Wallet. Cute and compact, it makes a nice change from the normal giant purses that I find myself lugging around and has meant that my tendency to amass an endless collection of train tickets and receipts has been curbed substantially!

I've also found myself using the need for warmer winter clothes as an excuse to indulge and so you will now often find me sporting one of the three grey jumpers I've managed to pick up. The one pictured above is my favourite and is from Primark, coming in at a v reasonable £6.

And finally, what would life be without a little nail polish thrown into the mix. Barry M's Gelly Hi Shine polish in 'Almond', along with Essie's 'Maximillian Strasse Her' and 'Truth or Flare' are just a few of my faves at the moment, not to mention the Chanel polish that I reviewed in this post last week.

What I'm really on the hunt for now, is the perfect grey handbag to complete the collection. So if you have any recommendations of where I can find something then I'd be all ears! 


  1. Love this post, I'm currently obsessed with anything "greige" too. Essie Chinchilly is my
    favourite at the moment, it's a gorgeous colour :)

  2. I am also absolutely obsessed with greige as well! I just bought a beautiful greige Essie polish which I can't wait to start wearing this winter! :)
    Your Kate Spade wallet is absolutely gorgeous too lovely!

    Ellis - Ellis Tuesday

  3. I love this color as well and have been loving it on my nails as it is so pretty on me and I love the different tones there is.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale | bloglovin' |

  4. I also picked up a nice grey jumper in Primark the other day and Love it ! x

  5. The essie choices here are gorgeous, I'm a huge fan of anything grey so this post was right up my street! I had a quick look at the satchel you mentioned, gosh it was a beaut!
    Amy | A Little Boat Sailing