The Wind Down

18 February 2014

We all have our different ways that we like to switch off and relax after a long day at work. Some read, some throw on their comfiest clothes and kick back with a film and a well deserved glass of wine, the more energetic of you might even hit the gym. Me, I get no greater pleasure than sinking into a steaming hot bubble bath and letting my worries fizzle away along with the bath bomb that accompanies me.

I've always been a fan of a nice long soak in the tub as opposed to a quick shower, although lately I seem to have been taking this to a whole other level. Candles lit, playlist on, face mask slathered across a freshly cleansed face - ahhh heaven! Surely I can't be the only one to encounter such a sense of joy at the prospect?

Anyway, for those of you who are also partial to an evening bathe, I thought it might be fun to give you all a little peek into what some of my current favourite bath time products are.

First off I've been opting for either the heavenly scent of the Molton Brown Gingerlily Body Wash (that's if I'm feeling 'bubbly'), or alternatively I might indulge with a few drops of one of the Aromatherapy Associates Miniature Bath Oil Collection that I received as a gift for Christmas. My two favourites lately have been 'Deep Relax' and 'De-stress Mind' - perfect for if your day in the office has a been a particularly stressful one!

Once I'm done flouncing around lighting candles and hitting the play button, I'll normally put on my face mask of choice. The Origins Clear Improvement is always a popular one. Before writing this tonight though, I actually used the First Aid Beauty Oatmeal Mask - I'd forgotten what a lovely product it is and so thought I would include a little mention of it here. Sometimes I'll also use this time to give my hair a quick seeing to and stick on a treatment. Lately I have been obsessed with the Charles Worthington Moisture seal range, in particular, the leave in conditioner - it leaves your hair so silky soft but without making it flat and has done absolute wonders for my dry ends.

To finish the nightly 'ritual', I'll give my skin a treat by caking on a body oil/butter. The This Works Deep Sleep Night Oil is a great choice if you have trouble sleeping and aren't opposed to a bit of lavender. 

I'd love to know what everyone else's evening routine consists of in order to help them unravel? Is anyone else as big a fan of a long deep soak as I am?


  1. I've just bought the First Aid Beauty Oatmeal mask so I'm excited to try it out!
    xxx Claire

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    xoxo Nika

  3. Such a luxurious post. Looks incredibly relaxing!
    Loving your blog

  4. A nice long hot soak is one of my favourite past times :) I like using various things, I've recently being trying out more products from LUSH and have found them to be really enjoyable.
    Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing

  5. this makes me want to take a nice relaxing bubble bath! :) And i love your blog! and can't wait to read more! I also followed you on GFC and bloglovin!

    Also I'm new to blogging and i'm trying to meet some fellow bloggers so I'd love if you had some time if you could check out my blog and let me know what you think! it'd be greatly appreciated! And maybe even follow me on bloglovin or gfc if you like and want to!

    thanks so much xoxo Randa

  6. Yummy candles and bubble baths sound so enticing right now in the rain!