Since starting this blog in May of last year, I have found myself getting more and more into skincare - something that prior to this I must confess I had little knowledge of and therefore neglected far more than it was perhaps wise to!

Since then I have gradually developed a much more enthusiastic approach and have to admit that the thought of taking off all my make up after a long day is something that now really excites me rather than posing the laborious task that it did previously.

In particular, the discovery of Caroline Hirons blog and the fantastic skincare advice that she dishes out has allowed to to get to grips with exactly what it is I need to be doing and in equal measure - what it is that I need to do my best to avoid. I won't go into detail about what Caroline recommends to include as far as an evening routine is concerned as you can read all about it here - however, I thought it might nice to share with you all my current faves that have worked their way into my pm facial pamper.