4 Product Face - Hot Weather Make Up for Work

13 July 2013

Now I love a bit of sunshine as much as the next person and this heat wave we're currently experiencing in the UK makes a nice change to the wet and windy summers we've been subjected to over the past few years. When it comes to a lot of make up though, there is nothing it hates more than than being introduced to the hot and sticky chaos that ensues along with these blazing temperatures and so I've been on the hunt over recent weeks to find products that are up to the job.

In my case, not only do I face a two mile walk to work every morning in this weather (which almost always helps me work up a sweat), but in addition I also have the added joy of working in one of those offices filled with fluorescent lights - showing up every little imperfection!

By the time I arrive in the morning, I want to be able to touch up quickly without looking like I've really caked products on, and over the last few weeks I've narrowed my selection of "must haves" down to these select few. So far they are holding up pretty well as far as keeping the "clammy" look at bay is concerned (you know the one I mean?) so I thought I'd share them with you all in case anyone else is currently experiencing the same sticky dilemma!

As far as base is concerned, I keep it simple with the Dior Skin Nude BB Creme. After I'd purchased this and worn it for the first time, I was a little underwhelmed considering all the hype that had surrounded it. However, I've found that the key in my case to both applying it and making it last is through using a brush as opposed to your fingers as I have heard a lot of people recommend. After doing this I've found it to last all day and leave a lovely natural finish with the light/medium coverage that it provides.

Next I move onto cheeks and I'm joining the rest of the blogging community here in expressing my love for cream blush at this moment in time. The Stila Convertible Colours are probably the nicest that I've found so far with the Kevin Aucoin Creamy Glow a close second. At the moment I've been reaching for Lilium though as it seems to really flatter my pale skin tone and leave a nice glow to the cheeks as opposed to the "sweaty betty" look that I'm trying so hard to avoid.

Recently, I've done something I thought I'd never do and ditched the eyeliner in favour of the less is more approach when it comes to eyes. The only thing I use on a day to day basis right now is mascara - eyeshadow only creases on me in this heat and so I keep it really minimal. My favourite is currently the Rimmel Lash Accelerator.

And finally - lips. I seem to be sticking with glosses for some reason even though my lipstick collection continues to grow at an astounding rate. They're simply easier to apply sat at your desk without having to fiddle about getting the old compact out. I'm loving the Revlon Super Lustrous glosses - "Kiss me coral" is the perfect summer shade as far as I'm concerned. Then keeping things more neutral I always tend to carry around my trusty Clarins Instant Lip perfector (this one's in 01 Rose Shimmer) just incase I fancy a change - a girl can never carry too many lip products ;)

Hope you've enjoyed this little peak into my work face wardrobe. If there are any other hot weather essentials that I should be adding to my shopping list then please feel free to recommend - I'm always on the lookout for new products to try!


  1. I swatched the Dior BB Cream on a Debenhams 10% off day, but decided to be frugal and not purchase. I've been using a tester that came with a magazine though, and now I love it! Waiting for another 10% off day to justify the price tag though

    - Tabitha at Scaredtoast.com x

  2. The Stila convertible colors are SO nice xx

  3. great post! even i have ditched my foundation for a BB cream!

  4. Oooh I've just ordered the Dior bb cream, so I will definitely remember to use a brush :-)

  5. Next time i pop by my local Debenhams i will be sure to give the BB cream a test try. Lovely post!

    Check out my blog :)


  6. The Rimmel Lash Accelerator is one of my favourites too at the moment :)
    I'll make sure to give BB Creme a try!
    Thank you for the post it was lovely to read. x

  7. Very good post! We like it :)

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    Let us know ;-)

    Kiss, Selina & Olivia, The RedViolet