I would describe my skin as being oily/combination - oily T-zone, nose, chin and what can often prove to be extremely annoying dry patches (normally on my cheeks/forehead). I do all that I can to deal with the oily side of things by sticking with oil-free skincare products and through using a matte primer underneath the make-up that I wear - all of which seems to be working quite well for me.

The dry side of things however, is a whole different ball game and has taken me a lot longer to master.  Obviously when it comes to dry skin one of the most important things to ensure is that you keep it well moisturised and so in addition to the products I am about to mention this is also something that you will need to consider. Fingers crossed though - through the use of this lovely lot, I think I may have finally managed to banish the problem and the flakey foundation that comes with it (bleurgh!). 

First off - the two budget buys - both from St Ives. The Gentle Apricot Facial Scrub is a lovely option for those with more sensitive skin (or if it's just a mild exfoliation that you're after). It smells amazing and for the price tag you really can't go wrong. Equally lovely is the Elements Olive Scrub which I actually picked up on a whim - drawn in by my love of olives and the fact that I am already a big fan of the apricot version. The consistency of this is somewhat different to the apricot though as instead of the small beads found in the latter, this one actually contains slightly larger - what I would describe as being crystals - and as you would perhaps expect, it is a lot oilier - thus far more moisturising. 

On the opposite end of the scale are the REN Products - definitely more pricey, but completely worth it in my opinion at least - with noticeably better ingredients and results. They are without doubt my favourite of the bunch. Both are relatively recent purchases but have literally changed my skin for the better to such a degree that I just couldn't resist mentioning them. The Jojoba Microbead Purifying Facial Polish is currently a contender for my favourite skincare product of all time - big statement I know, but here's why; Apart from the fact that it smells so amazing (an incredibly invigorating minty scent), it does the best job of getting rid of any dead skin cells lurking on my face - I have never felt my skin so smooth and soft and if you suffer with similar issues to myself then I would highly recommend giving it a go. The Micro Polish Cleanser does an equally fabulous job when it comes to the achieving what is effectively the very same thing. In fact, having tried both products I would in hindsight, probably only have picked up the one as they both provide almost identical results. If you are a fan of the much talked about Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask then you may want to plump for the cleanser as it has the same gorgeous orangey/citrusy scent. Personally though, I like how refreshing the polish is and for me it gives it the edge between the two products. 

And finally, I thought I would give an honourable mention to the Nude Miracle Mask - a product that I have previously raved about on here and shall continue to do so forever more as I am such a big fan. An exfoliating mask that you simply massage in, leave on for a minute or so, rinse off and voila! Flakiness gone and radiance shines through. I use it sparingly due to the super steep price tag, though it's a lovely treat to indulge in on a Sunday night so that you can feel shiny and new in time for the Monday morning ahead.

I'd had my eye on a few of the shades from Essie's 'Resort' collection before I decided to pick up this set of miniatures. The blue - 'In The Cab Ana' and the green - 'First Timer' were the two that really stood out to me initially - as a package though, the four put together looked so cute and summery I just couldn't resist.

After giving them a go I can officially announce that I am smitten with all of the shades and already know that they will be adorning my fingertips over the next few months at least. The only downside as far as I'm concerned is the fact that the applicators aren't the lovely thick brushes that you get with the diffusion line in Boots/Superdrug - it means a little more time is required to get that perfect finish. Apart from that though, I would definitely recommend picking them up - especially as they are currently on sale at Beauty Bay for a mere £10.99!

Essie you've done me proud yet again. 

I nipped in to Boots last weekend with one mission in mind - to find myself a shampoo and conditioner that were going to help me deal with the dry, straggly ends I've been suffering with recently. I've never had any trouble splashing out when it comes to skincare and make up, but as far as hair is concerned I have a tendency to be somewhat neglectful and because of this thought it was high time I made the effort and treated my locks to a little luxury.

Originally I had planned to pick up a few of the products from the Ojon Damage Reverse range, however, as so often happens - after strolling into the store and being greeted by one of the lovely ladies who works there I was persuaded to go with something completely different with the assurance that I would not regret my decision. What with the offer of a few free samples in addition, I just couldn't resist and picked up the Bumble and Bumble "quenching" duo despite the combined price tag of £48.00 making me wince a little when it came to checkout time.

The two samples I received (which I believe they are still giving out as part of an offer i.e. one sample per product purchased) were the Hairdresser's Invisible Oil and the new Surf Shampoo and Conditioner that I have heard so much hype about recently across the blogging community. I have yet to try either of them but am really excited to do so. One thing I can tell you is that the oil smells incredible as I have been sitting here having a little sniff whilst writing this!

As far as the shampoo and conditioner are concerned - after using them for just over a week now, I am feeling pretty impressed. There has been a definite improvement in how soft my hair has started to feel. I have quite thick hair as it is, though this seemed to really give it that extra boost - it has been particularly manageable this week and on more than one occasion I have been able to look in the mirror in the morning and think to myself what a good hair day I'm having - and believe me, that is a rare occurrence when you have a mane as unruly as mine!

One of the big advantages and what sold them to me when I was being talked into purchasing, is the fact that they only require a very small amount of product in order to do their job. The lady in Boots had mentioned it being "fifty pence sized" which I think may have been a slight exaggeration  -nonetheless though, I can see the modest 250ml worth of product in each case lasting me some time before I need to repurchase. 

All in all, I'd describe them as being a really lovely combination that do exactly what they say on the tin. I wouldn't go as far (yet) as to say that they have been life changing and I expect to go on to try a few similar products from other brands before making up my mind on whether or not they are worth the hefty price tag. I would definitely recommend giving them a try though if you don't mind spending the pennies as of all the shampoos and conditioners I have tried thus far, they are without doubt one of the nicest.